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Tech Conferences: The Best Tech Events in 2023

Attending tech conferences is a worthwhile investment for all tech professionals’ career development, offering ample chances for education, collaboration, & business growth. We have listed 18 World’s biggest Tech Conferences 2023 that you can attend.

Tech Conferences

What is Tech Conference

A tech conference can be a live or virtual event where individuals from the technology sector come jointly to convey thoughts, discover new products, & network with other professionals. Tech conferences mainly include keynote speeches, exhibitions of new technological inventions, panel discussions, seminars, workshops, and ample opportunities for guests to uncover the latest trends.

These Tech conferences are held worldwide & can include small local conferences to big international gatherings. Tech conferences let you participate as guests, learners, organizers, exhibitors, speakers, or presenters. 

List of Tech Conferences 2023

CES 2023
5th - 8th January, 2023Las Vegas, Nevada
CES ( Consumer Electronics Show ) is a noteworthy tech event providing a platform for breakthrough technologies & international innovators. CES 2023 featured keynotes covering popular tech topics such as AI, self-driving cars, IoT, digital marketing, 5G, space technology, food technology, etc. Every year, this event features the most prominent thought leaders from the tech sector to introduce us to advanced technology & latest digital transformation trends.Click here to register
Mobile World Congress27th February - 2nd March 2023Barcelona, SpainMWC is the largest tech conference for the connectivity ecosystem that includes content owners, mobile operators, vendors, technology providers, device manufacturers & others interested to know the tech future. This year some prominent keynote speakers & exhibitors included the CEO of Orange Group, Telefónica, Ericsson Group, & more.Click here to register
SXSW Conference
10th -19th March, 2023
Austin, Texas
The SXSW Conference is an event for the global digital creatives community to discover cutting-edge tech ideas and new interest areas, & network with professionals sharing similar appetites in technology, music, film, & culture. In the past, popular keynote speakers like Barack Obama, Esther Perel, Olivia Wilde, and more have delivered speeches at this event.
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TECHSPO Technology Expo 202312th-13th April 2023
Los Angeles, CA
Techspo Technology Expo offers innovators the unique opportunity to demonstrate the new technology poised to evolve the tech sector. Experts from the technology industry attend this event, including educators, founders, investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, business owners, web designers, thought leaders, etc.
Click here to register
ODSC: East
9th -11th May, 2023
Boston, Massachusetts
ODSC: East ( The Open Data Science Conference ) hosts many sessions for aspiring data scientists to experienced ones. For three days, attendees get to learn about the latest tools & developments in AI, machine learning, data analytics, and NLP from the most bright professionals in these fields. This event provides ample opportunities to connect & form a network with peers & representatives of leading AI companies & startupsClick here to register
Think 2023
9th - 11th May, 2023
The Think 2023 conference will discuss subjects like AI, Hybrid cloud, Sustainability, cloud computing, Automation & Data Security. Their latest events hosted senior business, senior IT leaders & tech leaders across diverse industries.
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Cisco Live
4th - 8th June, 2023
Las Vegas
The annual Cisco Live 2023 conference hosted a five-day event packed with education, keynote speeches, Product announcements, & expert presentations. This event is open to all technology enthusiasts, Cisco customers, business leaders, & IT professionals. This event emphasized users' security, & launched new tech products & apps related to AI security & cloud-native security.
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London Tech Week.
12th - 16th June, 2023
London Tech Week 2023 delivered a broad platform to the technology ecosystem, including founders, investors, business leaders, and rising stars, to collaborate with other tech professionals to drive positive change. Some key speakers who attended this event include Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Sadiq Khan, and executives at Darktrace, Google DeepMind, etc. The major topics were UK entrepreneurship, metaverse, climate tech, & generative AI.
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Viva Technology
14th-17th June 2023
ParisViva Technology is Europe's largest tech event that aims to accelerate tech innovation by uniting startups, institutions, tech leaders, and investors. This event proposes an excellent opportunity for tech startups to present their unique products to a large global audience. The event hosted 450 prominent & inspiring international speakers, including Emmanuel Macron, Peggy Johnson, Elon Musk, Dan Schulman, Eva Berneke, Marc Benioff, Lee Young Yann LeCun, and more.
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Dublin Tech Summit
15th-16th June 2023
RDS, Dublin
Dublin Tech Summit 2023 brought under one roof a global crowd of tech innovators, thought leaders, & influencers to discover the present tech landscape, including significant transformations, opportunities & challenges. The main highlight was keynote speeches from prominent leaders such as Dr. Patricia Scanlon, Sara Sabry, Ireland's AI Ambassador, CPO at G-P (Globalization Partners), Nat (Rajesh) Natarajanand & more.
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Splunk .Conf
17th - 20th July, 2023
Las Vegas
The Splunk .Conf 2023 will host a live conference on cybersecurity, business resilience, security & observability. Global skillful Splunk practitioners will put their practical knowledge before guests at this event. This event brings together Splunk users, IT specialists, DevOps professionals, engineering experts & global business leaders.
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Black Hat USA
5th - 10th August, 2023
Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas & VirtualThe Black Hat USA 2023 will be a 6-day cybersecurity event, including four days of cybersecurity Training & two days of the main conference hosting open-source tool demos, networking, social events, etc. This event is for all people curious about cybersecurity. It attracts many attendees, like security professionals, web developers, researchers, business leaders, and more.
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IFA Berlin1st - 5th September, 2023BerlinIFA Berlin 2023 is the world's biggest consumer electronics & home appliances conference. This event brings advanced innovative technology, global leaders, and prominent radical thinkers in the tech industry. It offers tech companies vast opportunities for lead generation, networking & brand awareness to an extensive international audience. IFA Berlin attracts over 150,000 trade visitors, including buyers, experts & key retailers yearly from 130+ countries.
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International Cyber Expo
26th - 27th September, 2023
Olympia, LondonInternational Cyber Expo is an award-winning cybersecurity event that will bring impressive talks, exhibitions, & senior-level roundtable conversations by reputable experts. Their last event attracted 135+ exhibitors & over 4,800 visitors from worldwide. With networking opportunities, attendees will get the chance to encounter senior cybersecurity experts from popular names like Tesco, Google, Network Rail, Microsoft, & Sainsbury's.
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TechCrunch Disrupt 2023
19th - 21th September, 2023
San FranciscoTechCrunch Disrupt is a tech-based startup conference that annually discusses the tech future for new entrepreneurs. Disrupt 2023 will feature globally famous celebs & founders, such as Demis Hassabis, Michelle Zatlyn, Shaquille O'Neal, and more. This conference is a must-attend for startups, investors & founders to get the latest tools, wisdom, & connections for long-term success.
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AI & Big Data Expo
26th - 27th September 2023Amsterdam, Netherlands.
AI & Big Data Expo is a popular tech event that discusses the future & latest innovations in AI, Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning, Security, Data Ecosystems, and Ethical AI. Approx. Six thousand attendees are predicted to assemble worldwide, including VCs, software engineers, developers, CTOs, product leads, investors & more. This event further includes solution-based case studies, live demos & several networking opportunities, making it more exciting.
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Money 20/2022th - 25th Oct, 2023Las VegasMoney 20/20 is the world's giant & influential gathering involving global experts & inspirational speakers from the money ecosystem. This event emphasizes the latest advances in the money sector, including fintech, Tech, financial services, startups, banks, payments, policy, etc. Attendees will go with critical business insights & new associations to stay ahead in Tech innovation.
Click here to register
Web Summit
13th-16th November 2023
Lisbon, PortugalWeb Summit will bring over 70,000+ tech professionals & organizations that reform the tech industry. Some popular keynote speakers include Garry Tan, Dario Amodei, Lucy Liu, Brad Smith, Wade Foster, Alicia Garza, etc. The Financial Times has titled Web Summit "the world's largest tech conference." Three primary reasons for attending this event are excellent speakers, phenomenal networking chances, & proprietary software. Click here to register
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To register for tech Conferences, you must visit their official websites, whose links we have shared above. Each tech conference focuses on a specific topic of the tech sector. If you cannot attend your favorite tech conference in person, you can join them as a virtual guest.

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