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Best Social Media Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2023

Social media conferences are hosted in every business imaginable all around the world. It would help if you did more than attend your favorite social media conferences to stay current with state of the art in social media marketing.

There are many new events out there, and if you don’t seek them, you can miss one with some very novel ideas. The top social media conferences in 2023 will be discussed in this post, along with the many things we can expect from them.


Why attend a Social Media Conference?

The most incredible method to learn about social media and further your knowledge is to attend a social media conference. Following a social media conference may be incredibly advantageous to your business for various reasons, which are listed below:

  • Social media conferences are a wonderful way to meet new people, learn about successful tactics, and hear from individuals.
  • Get a chance to meet and interact with other social media specialists on a more professional level.
  • It’s an excellent area to network and gain inspiration and motivation from others in your field.
  • Attending a social media conference makes you aware of the latest market trends.
  • It’s also a good way to learn about new tools, technology, and marketing strategies.
  • A platform where you can form a team with people who share same objectives.
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Best Social Media Marketing Conferences to attend:

ConferencesDate and VenueAbout Why should you attend?Register/Tickets
 B2B Marketing Exchange February 28-March 2, 2022,
Scottsdale, AZ
The B2B Marketing Rockstars team hosts an annual B2B Marketing Exchange conference. It brings together the most influential thought leaders and executives in B2B marketing and sales to discuss and debate the most pressing problems in the business.More than 400 marketing and sales executives from throughout the country will network, learn, and try out new technology and approaches.Click here to register.
Social Media Marketing World March 14-16, 2022, San Diego, CAThe most prominent social media marketing event globally is Social Media Marketing World. SMMW will educate you on building your business using social media with the support of the world’s best social media marketing specialists.You’ll obtain practical, actionable advice from the world’s leading social media marketing gurus if you attend SMMW.Click here to register.
 Friends Of Search ConferenceJune 14, 2022, Amsterdam, NetherlandsGet the opportunity to interact with other thought leaders and professionals at the Friends of Search Conference to explore global trends in payments, banking, e-commerce, retail, and ID.The conference provides a platform for the industry’s brightest minds to discuss their views, ideas, and innovations.Click here to register.
Social Fresh June 21-23, 2022, Charlotte, NCMarketers thought leaders, and businesses come together at Social Fresh to debate, discuss, evaluate, and distill the ideas and trends influencing the future of social media.The events focus on new social media trends, problems, and possibilities.Click here to register.
Podcast Movement  August 23-26, 2022, Dallas, TXThe Podcast Movement is an annual podcasting conference hosted in the United States. The conference aims to assist podcasters in developing their shows and learning more about the business.Thousands of podcasters, media celebrities, and podcasting enthusiasts gather each year to learn about the newest trends, best practices, and technologies in the podcasting industry.Click here to register.
 Traffic And Conversion SummitSeptember 27-29, 2022, San Diego, CAThe Traffic and Conversion Summit is the year’s most essential and anticipated marketing event.The conference brings together some of the most brilliant minds in digital marketing and company development to create a one-of-a-kind experience.Click here to register.
 Content Marketing WorldSeptember 13-16, 2022, Cleveland, OhioContent Marketing World is a four-day hands-on training event that brings together the best content marketers worldwide for a complete, collaborative, and provocative discussion about content marketing.Content Marketing World is a conference for content marketing executives and experts. It’s also for content-marketing professionals trying to further their careers.Click here to register.
AntiConLX GlobalJuly 1, 2022, London, EnglandAntiConLX Global is a one-day anti-conference for all things martech and sales tech, held in a new city across the world every quarter.AntiConLX is where to see what’s next in martech, the sales tech, next tech, and everything in between, with over 50 presenters, 20+ exhibitors, and 150+ attendees.Click here to register.
Web SummitNovember 1-4, 2022, Lisbon PortugalThe Web Summit is the largest technology convention in Europe. It brings together the individuals and businesses that reshape the global technology economy.Technology, business, creativity, design, media, and entertainment are among the six key areas covered by the conference.Click here to register.
State of Social23 & 24 August 2022 Perth, WAThe State of Social is a two-day conference where marketers, strategists, researchers, developers, and creatives get together to discuss the latest trends, approaches, and real-world case studies.You’ll get the chance to hear from some of the brightest brains in the field, with over 80 presenters, including social media gurus, journalists, and social media managers.Click here to register.

Social Media Conferences 2022 FAQs

How do conferences use social media?

Social media is an excellent approach to get people’s attention; here are a few examples of how conferences use it.

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  • Social media is an excellent tool for spreading the news or receiving direct response from your audience.
  • People may post to social media, join the conversation, and interact with other participants and the conference by using the event hashtag.
  • Social media is used by conferences to promote and publicise events.
  • The use of live broadcasts of various events aids in attracting public attention.

What is a Social Media conference?

A Social Media conference gathers social media marketers to discuss the newest trends best practices and share knowledge.

For marketers, social media has become an essential tool. It’s a fantastic approach to foster community and establish an online presence for your company.

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But it’s not simply about putting out a social media presence and hoping people will find you. You’ll discover how to get started with social media if you attend a Social Media conference. You’ll learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media platforms to their full potential. You’ll discover how to get your company noticed, attract new clients, and convert followers into loyal customers.

Is Social Media Marketing Dead?

We’ve all heard it before: social media is no longer relevant. It’s all over the news, online, and even your friends’ and family’s conversations.

The social media world is changing and expanding at a rapid pace. Social media isn’t a one-and-done marketing strategy; it’s a continuous process that demands you to be engaged and informed. It’s used daily for personal and business reasons by billions of people worldwide.

Many companies use social media marketing as a broader Internet marketing strategy. Social media is being used more and more for customer service and advertising products. According to  Oberlo.ca, by 2025, social media users will increase by 4%. Technology is all around us, and in today’s globalized world, social media marketing is a blessing for marketers and business people.

What Are the Top Social Media Conferences in the United States?

These are the top social media conferences in the United States:

  • Social Media Camp
  • The Social Shake-Up
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Social West
  • Social Media Day: Halifax


Social media marketing has altered how we interact now and how individuals make consumer choices. Brands that effectively use social media have a significant edge over those that do not.

Attending social media conferences keeps you up to date on the newest trends and gives you valuable information. Choose appropriate panels for your company strategy and begin planning right now.

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