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Top 10 Best Conference Rooms For Rent in Dallas, TX

Are you looking for a place to hold your next meeting or conference? If so, you’ll want to check out the best conference rooms for rent in Dallas, TX. There are several great options to choose from, each with its unique benefits. So, which one is right for you? Read on to find out!

Dallas is a great place to connect and collaborate, whether you need to host a deposition, hold interviews for your expanding startup, or present your quarterly business plan to interested investors. The Trinity River and high-rise boardrooms will provide the backdrop, and the uptown hot fusion BBQ eateries will cap the deal.

You should definitely schedule your next in-person meeting in Dallas. We made an up-to-date selection of authentic event locations for each type of event in our directory.

Top 10 Conference Rooms for Rent in Dallas

Locate the ideal location for your upcoming conference room. Here you can quickly find and reserve a choice of local conference rooms in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Galleria Conference Room – Modern – Clean

Location : Far North Dallas, Dallas, TX
Area : 300sqft
Price : $45/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Screen, Whiteboard, Printer and Coffee

This offering is for the exclusive use of our 10-person boardroom, which is conveniently located just north of Dallas at the intersection of Interstate 635 and Dallas North Tollway. Depending on when you made your reservation, a staff member might be present during your stay. Access to the rest of the facility’s amenities, including the kitchen and common rooms, will be shared by you.

Team meetings, sales meetings, client meetings, board meetings, brainstorming sessions, and group work can all take place in the conference room.

Spacious, High-Ceiling Dance Studio in Dallas

Location : Lower Greenville, Dallas, TX
Area : 1206sqft
Price : $55/hour (2hr minimum)
Amenities : Tables, Chairs and Wifi

This roomy dance studio with high ceilings for your upcoming event is ideal since it has lots of space, original hardwood flooring, a full, wall-covered mirror, and lots of natural light. Their space is available and frequently used for birthday parties, private lessons, artists, creative development, and much other performance and choreographic needs.

It is conveniently located in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area. If you’re interested, send a message via Peer space. The conference room can be used for corporate events, networking trade shows, birthday parties, family reunions, and other occasions.

Uptown Conference Rooms with Downtown views

Location : Turtle Creek, Dallas, TX
Area : 280sqft
Price : $60/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Whiteboard, Conference phone, Printer and Coffee

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Do you require a fantastic setting for a conference or professional meeting? Meeting rooms are available for hire from Premier Business Centers that are customized to your needs and will help you carry out your agenda.

Their elegant, well-equipped conference rooms and commercial meeting rooms offer the perfect work setting. Modern tools and capabilities, free WiFi, and unrestricted local and long-distance calling are all included.

Additionally, their meeting spaces all have a fully qualified, professional support team. Their Premier Meeting Rooms or conference rooms for hire will help you in several ways, whether you’re giving a presentation to one of your clients or hosting an off-site gathering for your workers.

New Natural Light Studio + Event Space

Location : Dallas, TX
Area : 2099sqft
Price : $75/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Lighting Equipment, White backdrop, Wardrobe rack, Wifi, Steamer and Sink

It is a handy location for renting a photographic studio in the Dallas Design District. Vantage Street Studio is a premium studio with 1400 square feet of creative area, beautiful natural light, and additional LED lighting. Designed with the burgeoning creative community in mind to act as a springboard for your company to soar to new heights.

They provide 1 studio with natural light, 1 private restroom, a clothes steamer and rack, a refrigerator with water, and a Nespresso machine. Additionally offered are plants, two double-sided backgrounds, Bluetooth speakers, reflectors, continuous LED lighting, and skylights.

Intimate, Modern Studio Space for Photography & Video

Location : South Dallas, Dallas, TX
Area : 700sqft
Price : $65/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : White backdrop, Sandbags, Chairs, Wardrobe rack and wifi

Their contemporary photography and video studio space has polished concrete floors and is situated in the historic Expo Park neighborhood just outside of downtown. The studio has a modern, industrial feel and has 15-foot ceilings, four bays of enormous 10-foot windows, light-filtering curtains, seamless backdrops in a variety of sizes and colors, hand-painted canvas backdrops (for rent) to give your work an artistic, stylish appearance, cool designer furniture, and all the lighting equipment you’ll need to realize your vision.

White, dark blue, dark grey, black, beige, orange, light blue, pink, and scarlet are some of the colors used for backdrops.

Modern Uptown Meeting & Conference Room for 10

Location : Uptown, Dallas, TX
Area : 250sqft
Price : $65/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Screen and Apple Tv,

It is more Than Just A Room. It Includes access to shared workspaces, coffee service, and presentation equipment. Professionally Staffed – On-site admin staff to welcome guests and assist with catering. Each room has both wired and wireless internet connections.

They are located on the third floor of a Class-A office building and provide stunning views, a range of co-working spaces, a full-service coffee lounge, and the most recent IT infrastructure. Ample surface and garage parking are provided, and this Uptown Dallas office space is conveniently located in the city’s center. It is less than three blocks from the Katy Trail.

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Premier Conference Room

Location : Dallas Downtown Historic District, Dallas, TX
Area : 140sqft
Price : $30/hour (2hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Whiteboard and Monitor

Your next board or group meeting will go perfectly in their conference room. Your group’s next big idea is sure to be inspired by the modern surroundings’ views of the city. Utilize the ease of wiring through the conference table to the 52-inch screen to convey your ideas and a full wall for writing on the whiteboard. There are 8 seats in this area, and there is space for four more people to stand or bring chairs.

Modern and Urban Creative Conference Room with Balcony in Oak Cliff

Location : Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX
Area : 350sqft
Price : $75/hour (2hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs and Screen

They are a co-working area set up to support creative professionals. They offer spacious conference rooms and inviting workspaces in a setting that is packed with inspiring art. Although independent working artists make the best use of their area, anyone who only needs a new place to work digitally on their mobile electronic gadgets is welcome.

They have also held classes and meetings with up to 30 participants. They are also quite accessible. They are located on the junction of Jefferson and Polk, close to the Bishop Arts neighborhood and the vibrant strip of shops and galleries surrounding Texas Theater.

Creative Space for Team Meet Ups + All the Natural Light

Location : Cedars, Dallas, TX
Area : 248sqft
Price : $125/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Screen, Whiteboard, Monitor, Printer and Coffee

This room, in the middle of the co-working area, is where brilliant ideas are born. Meetings of 2 to 8 individuals that need room to move around while coming up with the next big idea will do well in this area, which absorbs the surrounding energy of innovation and creativity.

As you traverse days that call for both focus and inspiration, they give you imaginative conference spaces created for balance and progress. Their office space reflects the diversity of their staff and the people that use it.

As they pave the way for a growing creative and industrial district with a sprawling building that offers room to grow, expand, and prosper, they invite creatives, freelancers, corporate leaders, early & mid-stage firms, and organizations.

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Large Studio with Raised Ceiling and Separate lounge just South of Downtown in the Cedars

Location : Cedar Crest, Dallas, TX
Area : 3763sqft
Price : $150/hour (3hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Whiteboard, Monitor, Conference Phone and Coffee

Their location, one of the best rental options in Dallas, is perfect for everything from a small tabletop shoot to large-scale room sets. The facility is conveniently situated in the Heart of the Cedars and is a short drive from all of the city’s airports and downtown Dallas.

The studio is known for its warm, inviting atmosphere, beautiful wood floors, and exposed brick walls. It is located in one of the best authentic loft conversions in the city. There is a garage at The Studio for loading and unloading. Visitor personalities will fit in perfectly, thanks to the private lounge. Additionally, we may offer a broad range of rental equipment for still images or live-action.


How much does a meeting room cost to rent in Dallas?

Renting a meeting room in Dallas typically costs $80 per hour, but depending on your needs, you may pay less or more.

How popular are meeting rooms in Dallas?

With ratings averaging 4.89 stars, the local hosts have welcomed 24833+ guests into their meeting rooms. Nearly 98% even stated they would make another reservation.

How long do people rent meeting rooms in Dallas?

The majority of meetings are set for 5 hours with 14 participants. The majority of meetings will commence between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM.


We hope you have identified the ideal location in Dallas for all of your events that perfectly satisfies your requirements and objectives. It’s never been simpler to reserve a meeting space in Dallas’s downtown.

The location is important to consider if a company wants to conduct an event in Dallas and do it well. They need to consider how many people will be present at the event and the kind of experience they want.

Attendees should be able to relax and feel safe at the location, which should also have a solid sound system. The business ought to research the restaurant choices offered there as well. If you have any inquiries regarding the scheduling at these meeting spaces? You can get in touch with them personally.

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