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Top 10 Best Conference Rooms For Rent in San Antonio, TX

Do you need a place to host your next meeting or conference in San Antonio? Check out the conference rooms for rent in San Antonio, TX! Their facilities are the perfect place to host your next event. They have a variety of room options that can accommodate any size group. Plus, our knowledgeable staff will help make sure your event goes smoothly.

San Antonio is a popular destination for young, ambitious professionals because of the affordable cost of living and close proximity to Austin. Particularly if you want to start your own business, it’s a great location for the network.

So if you are searching for San Antonio’s most exquisite meeting spaces, then you are at the right place. The ideal space for holding any kind of conference is located here. For each sort of event, we produced a current selection in our directory of unique event venues.

Top 10 Conference Rooms for Rent in San Antonio

Locate the ideal location for your upcoming conference room. Here you can quickly find and reserve a choice of local conference rooms in San Antonio.

Central Co-working Meeting Rooms and Event Space

Location : Olmos Park Terrace, San Antonio, TX
Area : 800sqft
Price : $35/hour (3hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Projector, Monitor, Printer and Coffee

Large and cozy meeting rooms, a sizable event area, and a stunning garden are all featured in one building. Their venue is ideal for meetings, product launches, workshops, and meetups.

During the day, they function as a full-service co-working space. They have a large main common area that can accommodate 36 people, a small kitchenette, a meeting room that can accommodate 10 people, and a smaller meeting room that can accommodate three people. Benefits include access to the garden, coffee, tea, an industrial ambiance, and black-and-white printing.

Stone Oak Conference Room

Location : Stone Oak, San Antonio, TX
Area : 231sqft
Price : $20/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs and Monitors

This conference room is ideal for small “Think Tank” sessions or off-site leadership gatherings. It includes a beautiful, sizable granite table, ten cozy leather chairs, and a sizable 70″ TV/presentation monitor. Your small group will be able to use this area. 16.5′ x 14′ is the size of the Conference Room. Additionally, Conference Phone is also available at $10 per hour.

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Downtown Meeting Space

Location : Dignowity Hill, San Antonio, TX
Area : 1200sqft
Price : $50/hour (3hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Projector, Screen, Whiteboard and Coffee

Their studio features a 1200-square-foot conference space for small screenings, seminars, lectures, workshops, and other events that your business or project may require. A projector, audio gear, wireless microphones, tables, and chairs are included. Your upcoming business or creative meeting would be a great fit with them.

Modern Production Hub in the heart of San Antonio houses their studio. Clients, producers, and filmmakers can use this multipurpose space for all phases of their projects, including development, pre-production, production, and post-production.

Broadway Small Conference Room

Location : Mahncke Park, San Antonio, TX
Area : 145sqft
Price : $40/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Whiteboard, Conference phone and Coffee

This workspace makes a great spot to meet with clients or coworkers because it provides meeting room rentals, co-working, and virtual office services. It offers conveniences, including free drinks, excellent WiFi, and a stylish business area.

Feel free to call them to ask any queries you may have about the device’s connectivity. Please inform their front desk executive of any additional items you might require, and they will try to get them for your meeting.

Upscale Modern Workspace

Location : Northwest side, San Antonio, TX
Area : 352sqft
Price : $50/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Screen, Whiteboard, Printer and Coffee

It is a large, luxurious, expert workspace with top-notch furnishings and equipment. In addition to a large co-working space with semi-private cubicles and breakout sections for phone calls and online meetings, there are 4 conference rooms of varied sizes to accommodate any type of gathering.

Escape to a Renovated Backyard Oasis

Location : Far West Side, San Antonio, TX
Area : 3000sqft
Price : $55/hour (3hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Projector and Screen

They renovated and still maintain their backyard space so that it may be used for events both inside the house and separately.

The pool and waterfall itself are the backyard’s main attraction. There are two patio tables, one of which is a large one that can comfortably seat at least six people. Solar lights and pool lights both improve the atmosphere, especially at night.

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We think the area is perfect for using the pool and hosting casual gatherings. Additionally, we believe this location is perfect for outdoor gatherings, especially with the recent screen and projector additions. In a calm environment, you can present more easily. A fantastic location for coming up with new business ideas!

Private Modern Meeting Room

Location : Lockhill Estates, San Antonio, TX
Area : 300sqft
Price : $55/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities :Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Screen, Conference phone and Coffee

This is a High-tech conference room that features large-screen TV with video conferencing capability, HDMI and Apple TV hookups, a conference phone, and a wipe-off writing surface. Filtered water and fine coffee are also available. You are welcome to use the kitchen, restrooms, and communal lounge facilities as this is inside a co-working space.

Photography & Creative Studio Office Suite

Location : Inner West Side, San Antonio, TX
Area : 1100sqft
Price : $125/hour (2hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Whiteboard and Monitor

This photographic studio is situated inside a business office building close to San Antonio’s 410 & Callaghan neighborhood. Each reservation includes the use of three different rooms. The spaces include a podcast studio, meeting room, and photographic studio housed in an office building.

The photography studio (backdrop), meeting room, and podcast studio are accessible during each rental. Extra tools (such as backgrounds, lighting, microphones, etc.) can be rented for a fee. Throughout each rental, a staff member from the office will be on hand to assist customers and respond to queries.

Downtown Roomy & Industrial Studio, Gallery, Multi-use Space

Location : Downtown, San Antonio, TX
Area : 1000sqft
Price : $50/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Tables, Chairs, Speakers, Dining Plates and Utensils and Tablecloths

Various activities may be held at the industrial studio/gallery on the third floor. Although it is often an art studio, they have in the past had photo shoots, music events, streetwear brand pop-ups, and food pop-ups there. There is enough room for a yoga studio or pop-up or to screen movies on the gallery’s enormous main wall. With this room, just your imagination is limited!

Historic Spanish Hacienda in Downtown San Antonio

Location : Monte Vista, San Antonio, TX
Area : 6000sqft
Price : $250/hour (2hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Monitor and Apple TV

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This opulent hacienda in the heart of San Antonio has hosted photo shoots, weddings, proms, charity events, meetings, and enchanting nighttime patio meals. Due to the gorgeous Christmas lights, the front yard is magical in December. The 100-year-old stone building with exquisite workmanship that is tucked in the middle of meandering oak trees is breathtaking throughout the day.

Enjoy a historic home’s castle-like atmosphere. You will be welcomed by a riot of color and Mexican culture inside Casa Rosewood. This location is stunning because of the 52 various designs of Mexican tiles used throughout the house. A charming wooden spiral staircase makes a wonderful backdrop for pictures.


How much does a meeting room cost to rent in San Antonio?

Renting a meeting room in San Antonio typically costs $67 per hour, but depending on your needs, you may pay less or more.

How popular are meeting rooms in San Antonio?

5142+ guests have visited the local hosts’ meeting spaces and left evaluations with an overall rating of 4.99 stars. Nearly all even stated they would make another reservation.

How long do people rent meeting rooms in San Antonio?

The majority of meetings are scheduled for 4 hours and include 12 individuals. The majority of meetings will commence between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM.


The location of San Antonio, Texas, has about everything your meeting guests might possibly need. Your attendees will be happy they came and experienced such an interesting city, from the 15-mile winding River Walk full of eateries, shopping, and entertainment venues to The Alamo, where history was made to SeaWorld, Six Flags, and much more.

San Antonio has many locations for meetings, which are dispersed over the city. So choose a conference space that best meets your needs by doing some research.

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