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How to Get Free iPhones When You Switch a Network

Offering a free phone has become a crucial tactic for brands to attract attention. As we constantly seek better deals and superior service, major carriers have responded by rolling out enticing promotions, with the promise of a complimentary phone often taking center stage. These offers, often fronted by industry giants like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless, are designed to capture the attention of potential switchers, promising them not just network improvements but also tangible, high-value rewards for making the leap.

While the headline says “free phone,” the actual offer might come with specific requirements, such as a commitment to a particular plan or the need for a qualifying trade-in. Furthermore, these promotions are often time-sensitive, urging customers to act swiftly and not miss out on the interesting deal.

Getting a free phone is undeniably attractive, but it’s crucial for consumers to delve deeper, understanding the nuances of each carrier’s offer, and weighing the benefits against any potential commitments or hidden caveats.

What Phone Companies Give Free iPhones When You Switch

The promotional offer does a great job of using the iconic iPhones by Apple in the deal, thus attracting more customers who aspire to own an iPhone. The available models are, classics like the iPhone 11 and 12 and the latest iPhone 13 and 14. Each model boasts its unique features, catering to different user preferences, whether it’s camera capabilities, battery life, or screen size.

The promotional periods for these offers can vary, but they’re typically time-sensitive to create a sense of urgency. Some promotions might last a month, coinciding with special occasions or holidays, while others could be shorter flash deals designed to generate quick interest.

The core of these promotions is often straightforward: switch your service and get rewarded. For instance, a carrier might advertise, “Switch now and get an iPhone 13 at no cost!” However, the specifics can entail various conditions.

While the headline promises a free iPhone 13, the actual offer might require customers to opt for a particular service plan, commit to a multi-year contract, or trade-in an eligible device in good condition. It’s these details that potential switchers need to be aware of, ensuring they’re truly getting the best deal for their needs.

Metro by T-Mobile’s Deals

Metro by T-Mobile, formerly known as MetroPCS, operates as a prepaid wireless carrier and is a subsidiary of T-Mobile US. Over the years, Metro has carved a niche by offering competitive plans combined with attractive phone deals, especially for those switching from other carriers.

They frequently roll out promotions where switchers can get their hands on the latest smartphones without shelling out a dime. These deals are especially enticing for those who want the benefits of T-Mobile’s robust network without the commitment of a postpaid plan.

To avail of Metro’s free phone offers, customers generally need to port in an existing number from a non-T-Mobile-related carrier. This ensures that the deal is exclusive to new Metro customers. Additionally, there might be stipulations related to the chosen service plan. For instance, some free phone deals might be tied to specific unlimited plans. It’s also worth noting that while the phone might be free, there could be associated activation fees or taxes that customers need to pay upfront.

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Popular models from brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG are included in their offerings. For instance, switchers might find deals on iPhones, including older models like the iPhone SE, or Samsung devices like the Galaxy A series. 


AT&T, with its longstanding history in telecommunications, frequently rolls out promotions to attract new customers and retain existing ones. One of their standout offers involves free phones, often tied to trade-in deals. Customers looking to avail of these offers might need to trade in an eligible device in good condition.

In return, they could get their hands on the latest smartphones, like the iPhone 13 or the Samsung Galaxy S21, for free or at a significantly reduced monthly cost. It’s essential to note that these deals often come with the requirement of a minimum plan subscription, usually one of AT&T’s unlimited plans, and might involve installment agreements spanning 24 to 30 months.

Verizon Wireless

Their free phone promotions often require new customers to sign up for specific plans, especially the higher-tier unlimited ones. The selection of free phones can range from the latest iPhone models to top-tier Android devices.

Additionally, some of these deals might come with requirements like porting in a new line or trading in an old device. As always, the specifics can vary based on the ongoing promotions, so it’s advisable to check Verizon’s official channels for the most accurate details.

T-Mobile’s Offer

T-Mobile, one of the leading telecommunications giants, has consistently made waves with its aggressive promotional strategies, aiming to poach customers from other carriers. Their deals often revolve around offering high-end smartphones for free or at significantly reduced prices, making them a go-to choice for many looking to switch.

To be eligible for T-Mobile’s free phone offers, customers typically need to connect a number from a competing carrier, ensuring that they’re genuinely new to the T-Mobile network. Additionally, there might be requirements related to the service plan; for instance, customers might need to opt for one of T-Mobile’s unlimited plans to avail the free phone deal.

The process usually involves selecting the desired phone, choosing the appropriate plan, and then completing the switch, either online or at one of T-Mobile’s numerous retail locations.

As for the phones on offer, T-Mobile boasts a diverse range. Various iPhone models, including the iPhone 12 and 13 and other popular brands like Samsung, with devices like the Galaxy S21 are a part of their free phone lineup.

It’s worth noting that the exact list of available phones can change based on the current promotions and stock availability, so potential switchers are always encouraged to check T-Mobile’s official website or visit a store for the most up-to-date information.

MVNOs and Their Free iPhones Deals When You Switch

Mobile Virtual Network Operators, commonly known as MVNOs, are wireless service providers that don’t own the physical infrastructure, like cell towers, used to deliver mobile phone services. Instead, they lease or purchase network access from major carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile.

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This allows MVNOs to offer competitive pricing and unique plans without the overhead of maintaining a vast network. Their business model often revolves around targeting specific market niches or offering value-driven plans that cater to budget-conscious consumers.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless, operating on AT&T’s network, is another significant player in the MVNO space. Their free phone deals often cater to new customers, especially those bringing their number over from another carrier. The selection of free phones can include models from brands like LG, Samsung, and Motorola.

To avail of these deals, customers typically need to sign up for one of Cricket’s plans, which can range from basic to more comprehensive unlimited options. It’s also worth noting that these free phone offers might come with stipulations, such as a mandatory six-month service period with Cricket.


Visible is a unique MVNO that operates on Verizon’s network. One of their standout offers is the “phone swap” deal. Instead of the traditional free phone offers, Visible allows customers with incompatible phones to swap their old device for a new one that’s compatible with Visible’s service, often at no additional cost.

The process is relatively straightforward: customers check their phone’s compatibility on Visible’s website, and if it’s deemed incompatible, they’re offered a replacement from a list of available devices. Once the swap is completed, customers send back their old phone using a prepaid envelope provided by Visible.

Eligibility Criteria to get Free iPhones When You Switch

  • Target Audience: Most of these offers are aimed at new customers, meaning those who are switching from another carrier. Existing customers might not be eligible unless it’s a special promotion.
  • Regional Restrictions: Some offers might be limited to specific regions or states. This could be due to network coverage or specific marketing strategies targeting certain demographics.
  • Documentation: Customers might need to provide valid identification, proof of address, and in some cases, a credit check might be required to determine if any deposits are necessary.

The Process of Switching

  • Research: Understand the offer’s details, including any associated requirements or stipulations.
  • Visit a Store or Website: Depending on the carrier, you can initiate the switch online or by visiting a physical store.
  • Choose a Plan: Select the appropriate service plan that aligns with the free phone offer.
  • Port-In Number: If you wish to retain your existing number, initiate the port-in process.
  • Select the Phone: Choose the free phone model you’re interested in.
  • Complete the Switch: Finalize any paperwork, pay any upfront fees or taxes, and activate the new service.
  • Associated Fees: Be aware of any activation fees, potential deposits, or upfront taxes that might be due at the time of the switch.

Benefits of Switching

  • Upgraded Device: One of the primary benefits is getting a new, often latest-generation smartphone without the hefty price tag.
  • Improved Service: The switch might bring along better network coverage, faster internet speeds, or improved customer service.
  • Value Proposition: The combined value of a new phone and potentially better service often outweighs the costs, making the switch financially appealing.
  • Additional Perks: Some carriers offer added benefits like free streaming service subscriptions, loyalty rewards, or discounts on additional lines.
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Potential Drawbacks or Hidden Fees When You Switch

  • Long-Term Commitments: Many free phone deals require customers to commit to a service agreement, often spanning 24 months or more.
  • Early Termination Fees: If you decide to leave the carrier before fulfilling the contract, there might be hefty fees involved.
  • Monthly Installments: While the phone might be “free,” you could be paying for it in monthly installments as part of your bill. If you leave early, the remaining balance might become due immediately.
  • Trade-In Conditions: Some offers require a qualifying trade-in. The condition of the traded-in phone and its model can affect the actual value you receive.

What do the customers say?

  • Positive Experiences: Many customers have lauded the seamless process of switching, the quality of the free phones received, and the improved network coverage or internet speeds. For some, the switch resulted in significant monthly savings, even with the added costs of a higher-tier plan.
  • Criticisms: On the flip side, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction. Common criticisms include receiving a lower-than-expected trade-in value, facing unexpected fees or charges, or dealing with customer service issues during the switch. Additionally, some customers found that the network coverage or service quality didn’t meet their expectations, making the switch less beneficial than anticipated.


Who is eligible for this offer?

Typically, new customers switching from another carrier are eligible. However, specific promotions might have additional criteria, such as requiring a qualifying trade-in.

How long is this promotion valid?

The duration varies based on the carrier and the specific deal. Some promotions might last a month, while others could be limited-time flash deals. Always check the offer’s end date.

Are there any hidden fees?

While the phone might be advertised as “free,” there could be associated costs like activation fees, taxes, or monthly installments. It’s essential to read the offer’s fine print.

Can existing customers avail of this offer?

Most free phone deals target new customers. However, carriers occasionally roll out promotions for existing customers, especially during special occasions or events.

Can I switch back if I’m not satisfied?

Most carriers have a return or satisfaction guarantee period, often spanning 14 to 30 days. Customers can typically switch back if unsatisfied, but there might be associated restocking fees or other charges.


The promise of a free phone with better service or additional perks makes these promotions incredibly enticing. While the benefits are undeniable, it’s crucial for potential switchers to be well-informed, and understand all the associated costs and commitments. For those who find a deal that aligns with their needs, the switch can offer significant value, both in terms of the device and the service. For more information or to start the switching process, you can visit the carrier’s official website or contact their customer service. 

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