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Best Higher Education Conferences in 2023

Looking for the best higher education conferences to attend in 2023? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of some of the most highly-rated conferences that will be taking place next year. Whether you are a student, professor, or administrator, these events are sure to offer something for everyone. So mark your calendars and start planning now!

Changing times necessitate paradigm shifts. Even though higher education is always evolving, the sector may benefit from new and innovative teaching, learning, and administration methods. The conventional classroom model is evolving, with more blended learning courses being established.

Discover more about higher education by visiting conferences, such as SXSW EDU, AACRAO, NACAC National Conference, etc., where you can learn about the future of education, trends, and colorful presentations. The top higher educational conferences are listed below for you to attend and participate in the changing education system.

higher education conferences 2022

What is a Higher Educational Conference?

Higher education conferences allow for the exchange of best practices in the field. It’s a gathering place for those working in higher education to share ideas with their peers and other professionals and scholars working in subjects related to higher education.

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These conferences feature a variety of lectures, panels, seminars, and other gatherings that work together to generate value by facilitating effective partnership-building between investors and knowledgeable speakers from around the world. These conferences feature self-made specialists and forward-thinking thinkers, allowing guests to network while learning more about their respective fields.

The higher education conferences will provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the most recent issues that academic circles face due to worldwide changes in the educational environment.

Best Higher Education Conferences

ConferencesDates and VenueAboutWhy should you attend?Register/Tickets
NACAC National ConferenceSeptember 22–24, 2022
In-person and Houston, TX
The National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC) is a membership organization dedicated to assisting college admissions professionals in improving the quality and value of higher education. NACAC supports ethical standards and maintains the integrity of the college admission process by exchanging knowledge and professional growth among its members. Their objective is to assist institutions, organizations, and individuals in achieving the highest college admissions quality.
The annual NACAC national conference for enrollment management professionals, student affairs officers, and campus advisors is the largest annual higher education event. You can network and cooperate with your peers, top higher education officials, and subject matter experts at the conference. The NACAC national conference includes something for everyone, whether you want to learn or share your knowledge.Click here to register.
Diversity Abroad Annual ConferenceOctober 3–7, 2022
In-person and San Francisco, CA
The Diversity Abroad annual conference brings together international education leaders, educators, students, and professionals to communicate, network, and take action on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in global education. Global Education Fellows, their flagship program, offers high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students the financing, resources, and support they need to pursue short-term study and work abroad opportunities.The conference is aimed to bring together institutions of higher education, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and individuals from around the world to discuss issues of access, equity, and inclusivity in global education. Diversity Abroad seeks to establish a more just and equitable global education system through its annual conference, online collaborative community of practice, professional development training, and resource library.Click here to register.
Leadership in Higher Education ConferenceOctober 6–8, 2022
In-person and Baltimore, MD
The Leadership in Higher Education Conference is a one-of-a-kind nationwide gathering of aspiring and seasoned higher education executives. It’s a chance for all post-secondary leaders, regardless of experience or level, to gather knowledge, share perspectives, and form a leadership community. The conference offers formal and informal learning, networking, and mentoring opportunities.
The conference is meant to give novel techniques, trends, and best practices for effectively managing personnel and resources to new and seasoned higher education administrators. The Leadership in Higher Education Conference provides a forum for new and seasoned leaders to learn from and share numerous networking and professional development opportunities.
Click here to register.
NACADA’s Annual ConferenceOctober 23–26, 2022
In-person and Portland, Oregon
NACADA annual conference is the premier association for academic advising professionals in higher education. NACADA offers many opportunities for members, including networking at its annual conference, professional development through the NACADA Journal and Web of Knowledge, and public recognition through its awards and honors.  The conference is focused on academic advising professionals who design, promote, and support student success. NACADA promotes academic advising to universities, colleges, and the public as a profession.
The conference will emphasize the relevance of academic advising to student achievement while also providing opportunities to network with peers from across the country. Participants will get the opportunity to network with colleagues in the academic advising community, share best practices, and learn from industry professionals. It is also the prime gathering location for anyone interested in learning about new academic advising trends and developments.
Click here to register.
ACE2023—The American Council on Education’s Annual MeetingApril 13-15, 2023
In-person and Washington, DC
The American Council on Education’s Annual Meeting is the premier event for higher education professionals. The most influential thought leaders and entrepreneurs in higher education gather to learn, network, and discuss today higher education’s pressing challenges. The conference will allow the nation’s education leaders and attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and learn the latest trends in higher education.
Attendees will have the rare opportunity to connect with college leaders and strategize about the future of the American educational system at the conference. ACE aspires to produce the next generation of industry leaders as the nation’s largest higher education association. The conference includes leadership forums and receptions, among other activities and events. 
Click here to register.

InsightsEDU 2022 – Marketing and Enrollment Management for Adult and Online EducationFebruary 23-25, 2022
Denver, Colorado
InsightsEDU 2022 is a conference for colleges and universities that help post-traditional and adult students succeed academically via experience and education. The conference explores the quality of student life and campus culture by focusing on lifelong learning in higher education due to student and faculty experiences. Top experts and practitioners will lead workshops, roundtables, and special sessions during the conference.The conference aims to help educators and industry leaders better understand the issues that students and educators face in higher education and offer them the tools and resources they need to engage and teach them effectively. Educators and administrators from various schools and institutions have convened to discuss best practices and ideas to help adults succeed in the classroom after experiencing the hurdles faced by adults returning to school.Click here to register.

SXSW EDU – Breakthroughs in EducationMarch 7-10, 2022
Austin Texas
SXSW EDU is the premier conference focused on education, learning, and the future of the workforce. SXSW EDU brings together the world’s most innovative minds to discuss how we can prepare for the future of work, the newest learning and teaching trends, and how to make their communities more inclusive, accessible, and equitable through colorful keynotes, interactive panels, workshops, and sessions.Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and try out the latest technologies for sharing information, make new connections, explore new ways of learning, and rethink the future of education at the event. A varied group of educators, technologists, artists, and entrepreneurs will be attending the conference, all of whom are working to rethink, redesign, and reimagine learning.Click here to register.

Higher Learning Commission – For HLC MembersApril 1-5, 2022
Hyatt Regency Chicago
The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Conference is a one-day event with an optional half-day pre-conference workshop for higher education executives interested in increasing their knowledge of postsecondary education policies and politics and public policy participation. The HLC, the US Department of Education, state agencies, and institutions are all represented in the event.Administrators, faculty, and staff from HLC member institutions and members of the HLC Peer Corps will have the opportunity to learn from fellow practitioners and HLC staff about new and promising methods. Featured speakers, notable thinkers, scholars, and activists in higher education, also interact with attendees.Click here to register.

AACRAO – 107th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions OfficersApril 3-6, 2022
Oregon Convention Center, Portland, USA
The Annual Meeting of the AACRAO provides an opportunity to learn, network, and advance. AACRAO’s Annual Meeting brings together higher education professionals from various disciplines to engage in and discuss the ever-changing landscape of higher education. Numerous workshops, networking events, and other activities will be held during the conference. The conference is for people who work in higher education administration, and it is especially useful for those who work at public or private universities. The conference is an excellent opportunity to gain new skills and network with other professionals. The AACRAO Annual Meeting provides a unique chance to network with other higher education professionals from across the country while learning about current concerns, trends, and opportunities in higher education.
Click here to register.
ASU+GSV summit – EdTech ConnectionsApril 4-6, 2022
San Diego
The ASU+GSV Summit is a one-of-a-kind gathering based on the idea that great things can happen when the right individuals are brought together in the right setting. The Summit brings together professionals from education, technology, and business, representing a wide range of viewpoints and skills, with the ultimate purpose of harnessing the ingenuity of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-in-training while simultaneously furthering the university’s greater goals. This year’s summit is particularly timely because of the expanding impact of technology in our lives.The ASU+GSV Summit is the go-to resource for innovators, investors, and policymakers interested in learning more about how innovation can address the most pressing issues in education, workforce development, and business. It also provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to network with the thought leaders, investors, innovators, and business partners who influence the future of education, work, and the economy.Click here to register.
UPCEA Annual and SOLA+R – Professional and Continuing EducationApril 11-12, 2022
Orlando, FL
The UPCEA Annual Conference is the premier annual gathering of professionals working in professional, continuing, and online education. The Annual Conference is the world’s biggest gathering of higher education experts dedicated to advancing online and professional education in today’s workplace. In professional education, the Annual Conference is a one-of-a-kind event. No other event brings together so many passionate people about professional, continuing, and online education.The Annual Conference allows you to experiment with new ideas, exchange best practices, solve challenges, and network with peers. You’ll go away with new information, best practices, tools, and resources that you can use right away. The Annual Conference is the finest location to network with your peers, share information and ideas, and learn about the newest trends and advancements in professional, continuing, and online education.Click here to register.
NAGAP GEM – Change ManagementApril 20, 2022 (All day)
Hyatt Regency Chicago
The NAGAP Annual Conference is the nation’s finest gathering of enrollment professionals, and it’s designed to give you the most comprehensive graduate enrollment management program available. You will have the opportunity to network, attend innovative seminars, and participate in educational workshops at the NAGAP Annual Conference. The Annual Conference is the largest and most important event for graduate admissions professionals from member universities.The conference provides a chance for experts in the graduate admissions area to share information and offer assistance to one another. The association’s goal is to become the foremost professional organization for graduate admissions officers. It serves as a platform for sharing best practices, learning new techniques and approaches, and networking with peers.Click here to register.
Career Education Convention – Career FocusedMay 31 – June 2, 2022
MGM Grand
Las Vegas, NV
The Career Education Convention gathers private career education professionals, educators, policymakers, and industry experts. The event gives guests educational sessions, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities. Here students and teachers can meet up with people in the business to discuss their interests, ideas, and passions. It’s intended to motivate and change your perspective on career education. The convention aims to develop a feeling of community among the industry’s participants and give students, parents, businesses, and educators a forum to discuss the industry’s future.
Click here to register.
WCET – 34th Annual Meeting
October 19-21, 2022 (All-day event)
Hilton Denver City Center, Denver, CO
The WCET Annual Meeting brings together higher education professionals passionate about instructional technology. The event is a fantastic opportunity to network with the finest and brightest in educational technology. The WCET Annual Meeting brings together higher education experts to share developments in digital learning methods and to discuss emerging policy issues that institutions and organizations are experiencing today. Attendees will be able to learn from one another, discover new ideas and techniques, and interact with technology providers at the gathering.
The WCET Annual Meeting is a forum for exchanging ideas on higher education reform. The conference will offer a variety of keynote addresses and sessions meant to enlighten, excite, and challenge you as an educational technology leader. The WCET Annual Meeting will feature several seminars that will be webcast live and recorded, allowing attendees to attend sessions at their leisure.
Click here to register.
ACHE – Equity, Access, and Belonging
October 24 – 26, 2022
New Orleans, LA
The Association of Community College Trustees (ACHE) is a global, interdisciplinary, educational, and scientific organization of community college trustees, managers, and administrators devoted to developing community colleges and enhancing educational opportunities. ACHE believes in the value of lifelong learning and the role community colleges play in enabling individuals and communities to make their lives better through education.ACHE’s objective is to promote higher education to policymakers at all levels of government, offer professional development opportunities for campus leaders at all levels, and raise public understanding of higher education and its value in American society. ACHE’s objective is for higher education leaders to establish equitable learning environments for all students while also engaging and connecting the whole campus community to help students achieve.Click here to register.
OLC Accelerate – Comprehensive Online Education Focus
November 1-3, 2022
Virtual Event
November 14-17, 2022
Orlando, Florida
The annual Accelerate conference, hosted by the Online Learning Consortium, brings together the most significant online, digital, and hybrid learning people. Participants at Accelerate 2022 will discuss best practices, hear cutting-edge research, and hear from industry thought leaders. The OLC Accelerate 2022 conference is an education and training event that brings together higher education, industry, and government stakeholders in a collaborative virtual environment. The event aims to promote online, digital and blended learning by exchanging ideas and experiences.The OLC Accelerate conference will include a variety of sessions highlighting the most relevant research, effective methods, and new tactics in online, blended, and digital learning. The OLC Accelerate Conference is the only annual national event that brings together college and university administrators, teachers and staff, and online learning experts to hear about the most recent developments in online learning.Click here to register.
UPCEA MEMS – Marketing and Enrollment ManagementApril 11-14, 2022
Orlando, FL
TODAY, the UPCEA Annual Conference is the largest gathering of thought leaders and practitioners in professional, continuing, and online education. It is a forum for exchanging ideas and information about traditional and nontraditional educational teaching and learning activities. Attendees will access various high-impact learning and networking activities at this year’s conference.The UPCEA MEMS conference is a fantastic way for everyone to network and learn from a broad group of colleagues. The conference’s purpose is to do networking and exchange ideas and information easier. Learn about the most recent industry trends and best practices. Hear about the most recent research on important professional, continuing, and online education topics.Click here to register.


Several educational conferences are conducted for you to attend and participate in the evolving educational system throughout the year. Every year, new creative ideas, products, and services are introduced to aid educators and students in improving their learning experiences. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, you’ll discover a conference that will assist you in achieving your educational objectives.

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