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How To Choose A Name For Conference Room

At first glance, naming meeting rooms might not seem like a crucial task for your team or your company, but it greatly fosters unity and maintains brand consistency.

Your meeting spaces can help with branding, inspiration, and navigation if they are appropriately designated. These names, at the very least, make your team’s meeting room reservations a little more enjoyable.

Sure, you could simply refer to it as “the conference room,” but what if your workplace has several of these spaces? How will you be able to distinguish between them all?

To assist you in selecting memorable meeting room names for all of your office’s public spaces, we go in-depth into the theory and application of room naming in this post.

Why Meeting Room Naming Is Important

Companies can engage with and creatively motivate their team members by using conference room names. Here are the top 3 reasons why room naming is crucial :

1. Eliminate Confusion

As said in the introduction, room naming reduces confusion regarding the many regions of your office. Although Conference Rooms One and Two, The Large Conference Room, and The Small Conference Room will all function, they are all quite prosaic and lack any form of feeling or emotion.

You may distinguish between any number of spaces (thus removing confusion) and have a little fun at the same time with the proper room name convention.

2. Contributes to Company Culture

Room names also influence company culture. It accomplishes this by influencing the perspective through which your employees view and engage with your company.

Conference Room One can be adequate if your organization has a formal and refined culture. However, if your company culture is a little more indulgent, a creative name enhances that vibe and makes workers feel like a part of the team.

3. Helps Build an Inclusive Workplace

Similar to this, the manner you decide to name your rooms contributes to a more inclusive workplace. All your team members will feel welcome to contribute when they can all relate to the behaviors, standards, and norms your firm promotes, regardless of their age, color, or gender.

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This emphasizes the significance of picking meeting room names from various cultural references rather than limiting the convention to one set of customs.

Guidelines For Effective Room Naming

Choose names that everyone can be proud of because they serve as the identity of your company’s culture. Don’t know where to begin? The help are the tips you can follow :

Stay On Brand

The key to developing your brand is consistency. Everything influences how your customers and staff identify with your company, from the names you give your products to the naming conventions you use for your office spaces.

Everyone may be left confused if you deviate from your brands, such as by naming the conference rooms in your hiking equipment company after planets or 80s films. Make an effort to maintain brand consistency when naming areas for your company.

Pick A Theme

Your room name system must be consistent, just as your brand’s overall consistency. To give your meeting places a similar theme, choose a topic that relates to your brand. For instance, Twitter used the motif of birds for their room naming scheme since it simply fits with their brand and appeals to both team members and guests.

Ensure Scalability

Make sure the theme you choose for your room names isn’t too specific so that it prevents scalability. There is really just one choice if you have several meeting spaces, but your theme is “film directors with movies titled after a year that is about self-aware, murderous machines” (2001: A Space Odyssey, sci-fi genre).

If you’re having difficulties deciding on a theme, have a look at the suggestions we give in the section below on creative room naming ideas.

Ask For Employee Input

Request advice from your staff whether you haven’t decided on a topic or are seeking specific suggestions. By involving your staff in the process, you assist create a positive workplace culture and give everyone the feeling that they are teammates rather than mere cogs in the machine.

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Beware Of Confusing Names

Selecting a theme for your meeting room names is a fine idea, but if you choose a theme that results in many names that are identical, you’ll cause infinite annoyance for the staff.

In contrast, if you chose the names of the 13 dwarves from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, you would win points for originality and hear complaints from people who can’t remember whether their meeting is taking place in Dori or Nori. Famous city names allow for clarity and simple recognition.

Whatever Conference Room Name You Pick, Don’t Be Boring

This means that being innovative doesn’t necessarily mean naming conference rooms after popular figures or morning cereals. The secret is connecting each name to a subject related to your company’s beliefs, mission, or history.

The names of renowned architects or structures may be chosen if your business is architecture. You may choose from previous cases if you work for a law firm. On the more straightforward side, perhaps your engineering firm chooses to utiliZe names for fasteners or physics ideas (such as turnbuckle, wingnut, clevis, and carriage bolt).

A fascinating concept with straightforward nomenclature is preferable to something complex or esoteric.

Don’t Make The Names Hard To Remember or Hard To Say

Consider that your business is involved in chemistry or molecular biology. The names of compounds (like phenylalanine or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) should not be used unless they are well-known to all of your employees, not just the highly specialized ones. You might give the periodic table elements the names of your conference rooms.

This error also has a tight connection to the subsequent one. You should balance relevancy, practicality, and interest when naming your conference rooms because they will be used frequently throughout the day.

Get Creative With Your Room Naming

Creative conference room naming is one way to increase your meeting spaces’ positive energy. We wouldn’t be disappointed if you used one of these conference room name suggestions to name your regularly used meeting spaces. The internet offers hundreds of locations all over the world.

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There are many entertaining conference room names to inspire your imagination, including some hilarious meeting room names, some creative meeting room names, some professional meeting room names, some witty meeting room names, and some popular conference room names.

Conference Rooms Naming Contest on Social Media

Naming your conference rooms is not only a lot of fun, but it can take off in certain businesses. Every Facebook office has a voting process for the room naming of conference rooms. First, employees choose themes, voted for or against them, and then vote on names that fit the theme. On social media, you can hold a room naming contest for help.

Try any online Meeting room name generator website

Ever wonder how businesses come up with room naming for meetings? Trying to think of catchy names but running out of inspiration? Do not worry; we have a fantastic idea to resolve that problem permanently.

You should check the Conference Room Naming website Generator right now if you haven’t gotten a chance to play around with it yet. In that, you may read about several well-known organizations’ solutions to the problem of room naming.


Pick an excellent theme that supports your business’s objectives and guiding principles. There are many things to take into account when naming conference rooms.

Still, the only absolute requirement should be to consider the culture you want to create and ensure the themes respect or enhance your company’s brand, workplace identity, and employees.

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