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Top 10 Best Conference Rooms For Rent in Los Angeles

Every participant and amenity must be in perfect harmony for the call or presentation to succeed to its fullest. Meetings are like a delicate ecosystem. Reserve a private, business-like conference room in Los Angeles with everything you could possibly need to create your best work, including comfy furniture, high-speed Internet, a kitchen, and kitchen facilities.

Booking conference spaces in Los Angeles is advantageous for a variety of reasons. The city has all you need and more for hosting meetings, from yearly meetings to board meetings and team building exercises. Thanks to its warm, Mediterranean climate, a varied, young, and tech-savvy population, and its proximity to many large corporations in the greater Los Angeles area.

Top 10 Conference Rooms For Rent in Los Angeles

Find the ideal location for your upcoming conference room. Here, you can quickly reserve your location after browsing a selection of top nearby Conference Room venues all across Los Angeles, California.

Unique and Trendy Full Office Space near Lax

Location – Westchester, Los Angeles, CA
Area – 1098sqft
Price – $60/hour (2hr minimum)
Amenities – Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Whiteboard, Monitor and Apple TV

This is a distinctive, posh, and expert FULL office that is situated close to the LAX region. This is the area for you if you’re looking to conduct a small business meeting, interview candidates for your firm, or need a striking location for your next power point presentation.

This full office has a conference room with a flat-screen television for your presentation, a dry-erase board, six rolling chairs, two stable chairs, and a large rectangular 8-seat glass table in addition to a small kitchen, kids’ area, balcony into the main building lobby, receptionist and lobby area.

Rooftop Conference Room with High-rise View

Location – Central LA, Los Angeles, CA
Area – 200sqft
Price – $150/hour (4hr minimum)
Amenities – Wifi, Tables, Chairs and Monitor

This elegant conference room is ideal for meetings of any kind. This area provides comfortable seats for 10, and the view are guaranteed to impress your customers or staff. It is situated on a high rise’s 18th floor. All of your LA meetings may be easily accessed from this location.

The glass wall gives the room a feeling of openness while giving audible privacy.
The area is nonsmoking and pet-free. Alcohol cannot ever be served or consumed in this area. Accessible space is available. Nearby restrooms are also available.

Small Meeting Room

Location – Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Area – 205sqpt
Price – $40/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities – Wifi, Tables, Whiteboard, Monitor, Conference Phone and Apple TV

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This conference space can accommodate up to 4 people and has speakers, TVs, whiteboards, and blazing-fast wireless internet. You can rent it for an hour or a day, rent.

There are two whiteboards with markers and erasers, a small table with seating for up to four people, and an HD HDTV with HDMI and Apple Airplay ports. There is also high-speed wifi and a Polycom phone.

Spacious Meeting Room With Natural Light

Location – Central LA, LOS Angeles, CA
Area – 29 by 27sqft
Price – $35/hour (2hr minimum)
Amenities – Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Whiteboard, Monitor, Apple TV and Screen

The Conference Room has an open floor plan measuring 29 feet by 20 feet, a 20-foot vaulted ceiling, and a large window that spans one wall. It is perfect for meetings related to performances, rehearsals, and classes. There are more than 20 chairs in the space, along with a projector, sound system, basic theatrical lighting, and wifi.

When you make a reservation, you receive access to the room, and after your stay, you are required to load out. Tables will be provided, but all setup is your responsibility. Overtime hours will be charged for any excess time. If the room is reserved from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., you may enter at 8 p.m. and must leave the building entirely by 10 p.m. Please make your reservation as necessary.

Large Conference Space on Wilshire Miracle Mile

Location – Mid Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA
Area – 1344sqft
Price – $100/hour (3hr minimum)
Amenities – Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Projector and Screen

There are 50 comfy seats in this room on the third floor. Several large windows let in a lot of light. Large 1344 square feet, 48 by 28, 10-foot ceilings, 45 occupancies, fully carpeted, wifi-enabled, and with a retractable projection screen.

Wheelchair accessible, with easy access via elevator. Nearby dining options include fast food in Museum Square, two streets east. Within one block, there are bus stops.

Can be rented with the third-floor cafe, which has tables and seating for 50 people and a fantastic view of the LACMA grounds. It includes a spacious kitchen with a counter for catering. If you rent it along with the conference room on the second floor, you’ll get more space for larger groups and breakout areas.

Professional Meeting Room in West LA

Location – Sawtelle, Los Angeles, CA
Area – 205sqft
Price – $32/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities – Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Screen and Conference phone

There is no better place to have meetings if you’re looking for one! Their conference space is conveniently situated only a few seconds west of the 405 in lovely West LA. WiFi, a conference phone, and a big flat screen TV in the conference room allow you to project any content from your laptop.

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Additionally, you and your visitors can drink pure water in the kitchen/lounge area on the premises. Before and throughout your visit, their full-time staff is always accessible to meet your needs.

Beautiful Meeting Room in Historic Creative Office Building

Location – Downtown, Los Angeles, CA
Area – 200sqft
Price – $100/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities – Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Conference phone, Whiteboard, Screen, Monitor and Printer

The 200-square-foot meeting space contains a 12-seat live edge walnut conference table. There are power/data and video-conferencing devices on the table. Breaks and food service can take place here. It also includes high-end interior design and furniture.

This is most likely the BEST area in DTLA! On the same block as the brand-new 42,000 sf WHOLE FOODS MARKET, there are new residential lofts, eateries, bars, and shops. This structure is located in the center of downtown’s “Restaurant Row,” where more than 15 new bars and restaurants have just opened.

Large Conference Room

Location – Central LA, Los Angeles, CA
Area – 310sqft
Price – $50/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities – Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Whiteboard, Screen and Coffee

The South Los Angeles branch, which is housed in the Wells Fargo Center, has fully furnished conference spaces and an outstanding staff of knowledgeable and upbeat workers who are prepared to handle your secretarial, administrative, and information technology requirements. Any clients or visitors that you may have will be impressed by the lobby, the location, and the breathtaking views.

Their elegant, fully furnished conference rooms and corporate meeting rooms offer the perfect work setting. Modern tools and capabilities, free WiFi, and unrestricted local and long-distance calls are all included. Additionally, each of their meeting spaces has fully qualified support staff.

Conference Room in Venice

Location – Venice, Los Angeles, CA
Area – 22ft long by 12ft wide room
Price – $30/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities – Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Projector, Printer and Whiteboard

On the mezzanine level, this conference room has a barn door that can be used to close it. If castings or several visitors, we have a cozy leather seating space just outside for holding. The conference room contains a 10-foot table, six office chairs, and the option to set up numerous additional fold-out chairs.

There are minimal television channels, a 30″ TV with HDMI input, 2 whiteboards, surround sound (via CD only), a mini fridge, and a water cooler. Additionally, you can only rent the backyard for gatherings, basketball matches, photo shoots, etc.

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High End Glass Conference Room For 10

Location – Crenshaw, Los Angeles, CA
Area – 252sqft
Price – $15/hr (1hr minimum)
Amenities – Wifi,

They are a family-owned distribution and eCommerce business for high-end bathroom and kitchen fittings that follow the current trends in the sector while upholding environmental obligations and guaranteeing affordability. They recently relocated to a new structure and are now renting out well-lit, roomy offices.

You can rent this elegantly illuminated meeting room by the hour or permanently. It has access to the kitchen and restrooms, a large oak conference table, and comfy contemporary chairs. Outside catering is permitted. For additional details, kindly get in touch with us.


How much does a conference room cost to rent in Los Angeles?

The average cost to rent a conference room in Los Angeles is about USD88 per hour, however, depending on your needs, you may find yourself paying less or more. Expect to pay less US dollars for a smaller location, while larger spaces cost around more US dollars per hour.

How popular are conference rooms in Los Angeles?

With reviews that average 4.8 stars, the local hosts have welcomed more than 133800 guests into their conference rooms. About 97 percent even indicated they would make another reservation.

How long do people rent conference rooms in Los Angeles?

The average conference room has 10 individuals planned to attend for 0 hours. The majority of conference rooms are available between 12:00 and 13:00.


These conference rooms for rent in Los Angeles provide space to meet your needs, whether short-term or long-term, and whether you want to work alone or with clients and coworkers.

These spaces are well-equipped with all the necessary technology, including WiFi, TV/DVD equipment, video conferencing, and more. Administrative services and food are offered in many of their office locations.

Are you ready to impress your clients, enjoy some peace and quiet while working, or network with other businesspeople who share your interests? Reserve your Los Angeles meeting space right away. Check out the prices and available alternatives, then use THE hassle-free reservation method to conduct business as usual.

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