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How to Set up a Conference Call

If your business is growing, then you’re ready to take the next step by hosting a conference call with clients worldwide and, improving your clientele pool and relationship. Or supposedly if you are looking to save some pennies by avoiding the traveling cost, Conference calls are the best alternative.

Conferences calls can be a great way to stay connected with colleagues and clients, but they can also be confusing to set up.

There are various aspects of a conference call, such as “How to conduct one”, or “What are the factors of a successful conference call”.

So, where do you start from? This guide will walk you through the steps for setting up a conference call, from choosing the right service to adding participants.

This guide has you covered whether you’re new to conference calls or need a refresher.

Stay connected and productive with conference calls! So without further ado, let’s jump right into the topic.

How to set up a conference call

How to Set up a Conference Call

Setting a conference call can be arduous sometimes, especially if you have recently decided to conduct one. Below are the steps mentioned to help you go through it!

STEP 1: Creating a Conference Calling Account

The first step is to create an account. Platforms like Nextiva, Ring Central, GoToMeeting, Phone.com, etc., allow you to create an account free of cost using just your email and password.

If you are looking for extra features, you can go for the Premium packages they offer. In just a few minutes, you can establish a new account.

These platforms can assist you in preparing a business meeting or scheduling an important conference call. You’ll be able to phone in to meetings, conferences, and events with ease if you use their service. 

STEP 2: Select Dial-in Numbers for Your Callers

The Dial-in Number is a one-of-a-kind phone number that can be routed to any phone number around the globe and enables the addition of numerous lines to a conference call.

The only phone number you may use to join an Audio Conference is the dial-in number.

Zoom allows you to acquire a dedicated dial-in number. Billing is located in the Account Management area of the Zoom online portal once you log in.

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Click on the edit button to the right of audio conferencing in the current plans section. Select the right click next to the dedicated dial-in numbers.

The next step is to input the number of dial-in numbers you’d like to buy and then proceed. Other conferencing solutions, like Zoom, provide the same features and dedicated dial-in numbers that you may acquire.

STEP 3: Pick a Date and Time for your Conference Call

Holding voice conferences with clients can be a valued service that helps develop long-term relationships, but it requires some organization.

Naturally, you’ll want to think about the optimum time to have your conference rather than scheduling phone calls anytime because precise time is critical, and you don’t want your conference call to drag on when no one is listening.

STEP 4: Send the Conference Call Invite

Send instant message or email invites from services like Facebook Messenger, Slack, or Microsoft Teams to notify meeting attendees of upcoming meetings. You can also use Google Calendar to send calendar invites for meetings.

STEP 5: Dial Into Your Conference at the Appointed Time

Put your ear up to the phone on your chosen date and time. Enter your conference code and host code during open hours to dial in and participate in the meeting.

Once everything is set up, the conference call will begin when you enter the appropriate code for the conference.

Hosting Your Conference Call

How do I host a conference call?

On the scheduled day of your conference, you just have to log in to your account on the platform that you have opted for. Enter the necessary details like the meeting code, dial-in number, and the dedicated host code to start the conference.  

Also, it is advisable to get your hands on the platform and get to know all the features before the day of the meeting so that you are comfortable with the platform.

How do I manage my conference call?

Being the host, management of the conference is your responsibility. You can find many options on the platform. Such as setting up a timer for the conference, managing who enters or exits the meeting, options to mute or unmute participants, and many more.

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These features help you have a hold on the meeting, you can make the decisions accordingly. Although, on some platforms, these features come only in premium features.

Managing Your Conference Calling Account

Managing and conducting a conference call requires a tremendous amount of effort. Although, the online platforms do the work for you with just a few clicks to start an Instant meeting.

Also, before conducting a conference call, it is advisable you share the date and time of the meeting, with the meeting code/link beforehand. This will help you avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

What kind of conference call reports are available?

You may access reports on calls, meetings, and recordings by clicking the Reports option in the dashboard. When you click on a single call, you’ll see details such as the length of each call (in minutes), who was involved, their entry and exit timings, and information on the number they were calling from on.

What is the difference between a User and an Account Admin?

The main difference is in the features; for example, you can only manage your calls and profile settings with a user account.

Whereas an admin account will give you more control over the meeting, allowing you to manage who enters and exits the meeting, mute or unmute participants, and manage payment settings, among other things.

Conference Call Setup Q&As

How do I set up a conference calling account?

You can set up a conference call by following the steps mentioned above. Numerous platforms provide this service.

You can start with a platform that offers a free service or a free trial period or opt for paid services if your company is mid-to-large-sized.

How do I locate my conference call numbers?

Sign in to your conference calling account by entering your email address and password to complete this installation. Upon signing in to your account, your dashboard will display the dial-in number and call code, the presenter/host code, and every other detail you need.

Does my conference call number stay the same?

The same number will always precede your conference call dial-in number, code, and host for usage whenever you need to have a shared and planned online phone call.

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How do I select the right dial-in numbers for my participants?

If you have a toll-free number, everyone who phones you will not be charged for your services.

If you regularly arrange pricey conference calls, you may either give out your local number to keep costs down or make sure that alternative local numbers are distributed. Anyone who wants to attend can do so at no extra cost.

How do I schedule a conference call?

In your admin dashboard, you can plan a conference call right now or future. Give attendees the scheduled day and time and your dial-in number and conference code.

Can I schedule a conference call from my calendar?

Make online communication, planning, and scheduling as simple and convenient as possible. Instantly send out email invitations using tools like Outlook, Google Calendar, and Google.

Hangouts, you can schedule and send out conference calls and online meetings. The quick link to the call will lead to a mobile-friendly version of the meeting to make participation easier for those on the go.

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You’ll want to feel at ease conversing with your friends or coworkers while you’re on a conference call with others. You’ll also want to make sure that you can hear yourself and that everyone else can hear you.

There are a few things you can do to guarantee that your conference calls go smoothly and that you can have a fluid chat to avoid this. We hope you enjoyed the blog and that it answered all of your questions on how to set up a conference call.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and we will try our best to answer them. Thank you for your time, consideration, and best wishes.

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