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How to Make a Conference Call with Google Voice [Easy and Free]

Google Voice is an excellent platform as you can use it for personal as well as professional use. Using this tool to set up and manage an audio conference call is a quick and straightforward process. Google Voice makes it simple to keep in touch without having to invest in expensive software. It is also ideal for organizing multi-person business meetings.

If you are looking forward to using it, here’s a complete guide that will help you go through every feature of google voice to make conference calls.

Things to Know about Conference Calls with Google Voice

Before making a conference call with Google Voice, there are a few important things that you should know, and keep in mind, before you go and make the call. And we have with us just the things that you should keep in mind:

  • Inform all participants about the time and number on which to call. Make sure that the time is agreed upon by all the participants, so that no one has to face any difficulties or do a double job during the call.
  • To add people to the call, simply press ‘5’ when they call on the number. To turn the recording on/off, press the ‘4’ button.
  • Google Voice allows up to 10 people to join in on a conference call with its free account. However, if you want to have a call with more people, you can opt for a paid account, which lets 25 people join at a time. 
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What is Google Voice three-way calling? 

A feature that was available in Google Voice up until it was discontinued in 2018, this feature let one person initiate a call with two other people at the same time, and it was quite popular initially, but overtime people started using it less and less as, in a three-way call, a fourth participant could not be added, which was a bit of problem for many users.

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What’s Required to Make a Google Voice Conference Call?

  • Having an account on Google Voice

The last thing any person would like to find out is that it is already time for the important call, and they don’t have an account with Google Voice! 

Just like with other Google apps and services, one needs a Google account to sign up with Voice. If you have a Google account, then you can move on and create an account with the Google Voice app, or visit Google Voice on your web browser, sign in with your Google account, and start a call.

  • A device and the required information

Next up, one needs to have a device like a Smartphone, a tablet, or a computer, with the Voice app installed, or the above given link ready on the web. The participants need to also have the information for the call before joining the call, information such as the number to call on, the agenda of the call, time and day and date, number of participants to expect, etc. This ensures that the call goes without any hitch.

  • Incorporate guidelines

Incorporating guidelines and basic manners such as chances for everyone to introduce themselves, using the mute button when someone else is talking, letting everyone know at the beginning that the call will be recorded for reference later on, etc. makes the environment in the call respectable.

  • A stable internet connection

Nobody likes it when someone keeps on leaving and joining the call, or their voice cracking up due to a bad internet connection, and neither would someone want that to happen with them too. So before joining the call, ensure that you have a good and stable internet connection, and ensure that others have too.

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How to Make the Conference Calls with Google Voice

1. Login to the Google Voice webpage on your browser, or the app, and tap on the ‘Make a Call’ button on the left.

2. In the ‘Call’ section, enter a number or a name and press the green phone button to dial the number. Voice will then call the number and connect you to it.

When others dial the number, the room owner will receive notifications and be asked to let them join by pressing the ‘5’ button. 

3. Installing the ‘Google Voice and Video Chat Plug-in’ app, makes calls between a laptop and phone possible. 

The Limitations of Google Voice

Though Google Voice is a popular option for making and recording conference calls, there are few limitations too that make people think twice. For example, Google Voice doesn’t offer its users the facility to forward their calls to another call in case the call is not received on the original number. Instead, the call gets sent to voicemail. Google Voice also doesn’t give its users the privilege of making emergency calls.  

Google Voice Conference Call not working? How to fix

Sometimes, when people try to make a call with Voice, they may face some problems for a variety of reasons. We have prepared a list of some common problems that you might face, and how to fix them

  • Can’t sign up

When trying to sign up for Google Voice, you may receive a message saying that your account isn’t ready, thus preventing you from signing up. You can contact your Voice administrator from their helpline number, and ask them to assign you a Voice license for setting up your account, as it is a major requisite for setting an account.

  • Can’t access Voice
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Verify if you have a Voice license; check your internet connection; or make sure that you are using a supported browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox)

  • Can’t make a call

Check if the region you are in has Voice calls available; make sure that your phone number is properly formatted; check if your license has expired and ask your administrator to reassign one if needed.

  • Can’t receive calls/phone not ringing

Check if the Voice webpage/app is open; make sure that your device has been set up to receive calls and ring; reload your browser if using the website instead of the app.

  • Other problems

If you are facing problems other than the ones listed above, visit Google Voice Help Community for getting them sorted out.

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To conclude, it can be said that Google Voice is an excellent platform for conducting conference calls, as it provides users with the benefit of joining the call with any number/device connected to Google Voice; the ability to screen someone before letting them join a call; and other basic facilities like call recording.

Though there may be a few limitations to using Google Voice, its benefits and ease of using far outweigh them. Make sure you have your Google Voice license issued by your administrator, as it can be the cause and solution to many problems.

Remember to follow certain guidelines when in the call; share required information of the call to other participants, and make the call a success!

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