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The 14 Best Conference Calls Apps for Free Group Calling

Finding ways and means to connect with others, whether for personal or professional purposes, is a necessity of the hour. The best part of video conferences and calls is seeing each other. They are practical, make communication easier, and are convenient.

So you’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking a free conference call app. You may now hold a conference call with many participants more easily than before. There are dozens of free services accessible, regardless of whether you run a small business, require shopping assistance, operate from home, or just want to stay in touch with your far-flung family and friends.

For you to start using free conference calls, we’ve identified the best conference call apps, including audio-conferencing, group video conferences, text chat, and even screen sharing. You can use the programs we’ve discussed on the web, Android, and iOS devices.

Best Conference Calls Apps for Group Calling

Here are the top free group video conferencing apps for speaking with friends or work associates over video chat without spending money:


Whereby (formerly Appear.in) provides straightforward video conferencing for brief meetings. Even though it isn’t quite as simple as it once was, it is still a useful tool for last-minute meetings.

You must visit the website and create an account first. You can then create a chatroom using the URL of your choice after that is complete. Your friends can quickly join you by clicking that link, which you can provide to them via text, email, or any other method (without signing up on their own).

The participants do not need to register for this video call because there is no software to download, and any current browser will operate just fine.

Google Duo

Although Google’s Hangouts is an excellent conference video call tool, we’ve chosen to spotlight Duo instead because it’s more recent, sexier, and a little simpler. Instead of creating a full Google account, you must submit your phone number to begin using it.

For group calls with up to eight people, use Google Duo, which is really easy to use. It functions through both the Duo Web interface and apps for Android or iOS. As a result, it works well for starting group calls including users of several platforms.


True to its name, FreeConference provides free, high-quality video conference calls. This service offers additional features geared at business than the others, including dial-in numbers for audio participants.

FreeConference allows you to arrange meetings and automatically send out reminders, but if you don’t need a heads-up, meetings can start right away. Screen sharing capabilities and moderator controls allow calls to be muted quickly. With the assistance of mobile calling apps, you can keep track of your meetings.

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One of the most widely used messengers in the world also functions as a free tool for group video chatting. WhatsApp is so widely used that even if it only supports four persons in a video conference, you undoubtedly know many people who do.

The ability to place a call without downloading a new app or creating an account has value. Simply start a video call with one contact and invite more participants. The WhatsApp Web does not support calls. Thus, this feature is only available on mobile apps.


Without Skype, no list of free conference calling applications would be complete. The program enables you to connect with your friends for simple video conversations via mobile apps for Android or iOS, desktop apps for Windows or Mac, or via Skype’s web app. Additionally, screen sharing is supported.

An online group chat can have up to 50 participants. It should be noted that a group video conference can only last for four hours, according to Skype’s fair usage policy. Phoning a few friends shouldn’t be an issue as long as each has a decent internet connection.


Up until the release of iOS 12, FaceTime was a one-to-one calling application. With up to 32 individuals, you may now hold group video calls using it. This makes it the finest conference call app for Apple users, especially since FaceTime is pre-installed on all Apple devices.

Of course, you should only choose this if you want to reach a group of Apple enthusiasts. Anyone without an Apple device is out of luck since FaceTime is unavailable for Android or Windows.


Despite having a similar name to FreeConference, this tool is different (mentioned earlier). By far, most participants are supported by FreeConferenceCall, which can support an astonishing 1,000 individuals.

The service includes screen sharing as standard and provides several connectors and add-on tools to enhance your experience. One of the most capable free video calling programs available is FreeConferenceCall.

Annotation, changing the presenter mid-call, screen recording, and even radio streaming are all features that are typically only available to paying subscribers. If you’re serious about your meetings, you’ll probably never have 1,000 people on a call, but this tool is definitely worth a try.

GoToMeeting Free

GoToMeeting, a well-known program for conference calls, has a free subscription. Did you know that? If you are familiar with that service, it is decent but not as strong as the paid options. You can hold 40-minute meetings with up to three people using GoToMeeting’s free account (not including you).

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You should expect to see services like chat, screen sharing, and support for mobile devices here. Although you might not be able to use it because of its constraints, it’s worth a shot if you’re meeting with folks who are used to using a well-known group call platform.


Even while Whereby has, since its inception, introduced some additional processes and restrictions, Talky continues to fulfill its promise of offering free video conferencing without requiring registration. You just need to enter a room name on the homepage and check your audio and video settings before entering.

You may alter your name, share your screen(Screen sharing), use text chat, and send links to invite people once you’re in a room. For added security, you can lock your room with a password. When you need to hold a video conference without anyone logging in, give Talky a shot.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet provides great value for a no-cost video calling app, even though it might not compare to a Gruveo substitute. Like Talky, you only need to enter the chat room’s name and grant it permission to use your webcam and microphone. There is no need for a specific setup or account.

Once inside, you can use practical tools like the ability to raise your hand, live broadcasting, and recording. You can also benefit from keyboard shortcuts and interfaces with Google Calendar and Slack. The service is suitable for semi-professional video meetings because it has no specified user cap.


Even if you have used other video conferencing apps, Zoom is still likely to impress you. This group calls app functions flawlessly in every manner. Once the program is installed, you may begin making free video calls.

For 40 minutes at a time, 50 persons are the maximum capacity. If you have a paid plan, you can participate in group conversations with 500 participants at once. Zoom is undoubtedly the best conference call app since it performs well.


Are you curious about how to conduct a conference call on Android and iOS? Get Cisco WebEx in your hands. One of the leading manufacturers of video conferencing devices is this app’s source. It is intended for group work.

When you place a call, you’ll notice that the app’s main display is a digital whiteboard with side-by-side talks and movies. While in a call, each participant can type, add shapes, and draw on the screen. This makes the software a great option for idea generation.

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UberConference is a platform for audio conferencing but has just introduced HD video capabilities for video conferences. The system is intended to serve as an alternative to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions and save companies money on pricey conference call hardware purchases.

Only the free version and the business plan are available as pricing options for UberConference. Although the free edition has some useful features, upgrading to the business plan will provide you access to more user-friendly tools and a smoother user experience.


Go, which debuted in June 2019, enables users to host or join in-person meetings, share content, and work with other teams using any mobile or desktop computer. Users can host an unlimited number of calls without downloading additional software or being constrained by meeting length because it was designed to function natively in the browser.

Technical assistance files and email invites with one-time meeting links for Lifesize Go calls have also been translated into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The Best Conference Call Apps

Our PicksCloud RecordingsTranscriptionScreen sharingPublic and Private Chats Breakout roomsWhiteboards File sharing


Each of the top free conference call applications on our list offers a unique feature set to meet the demands of different users. You need to decide whether you want to hold a straightforward family conference call or participate in a team meeting to discuss a serious subject. We really hope that we have contributed to your search for the top video conferencing tool for your business.

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