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Top Equestrian Conferences and Summits

The equestrian world is a vibrant community of passionate individuals dedicated to the art, sport, and industry surrounding horses. 

It’s a realm where knowledge sharing, networking, and the exchange of ideas play a crucial role in driving progress and fostering a deeper understanding of all things equestrian. 

Equestrian conferences and summits serve as invaluable platforms for enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders to come together, learn, collaborate, and shape the future of this evergreen sport.

Additionally, some of these conferences are also broadcasted online so you wouldn’t have to travel to a different part of the world in order to attend them. They are easily one of the best ways to learn more about the sport, even for professionals that have years of experience behind their name. 

Since the Belmont Stakes 2023 is one week away, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top equestrian conferences and summits that are worth attending, offering a blend of education, inspiration, and camaraderie.

And who knows, you might be only a fan of the sport and these summits will guide you to your first investing journey in the sport.

Best Equestrian Conferences and Summits to Visit

Dubai Equestrian Forum

Dubai is moving quickly in terms of becoming a powerhouse for horse racing. Even though they share the same history as other places like the USA, new advancements, and sports promotions have made Dubai a great place for horse racing enthusiasts.

The Dubai Equestrian Forum is a prestigious event that brings together influential equestrian leaders. It serves as a debate forum for numerous areas of equestrian sports, such as training techniques, horse care, and the industry’s future. 

This year will be the second running of the Dubai Equestrian Forum (DEF) and there will be 250 stables attending, they have more than 25 media partners and many speakers spread across 2 days.

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Renowned riders, trainers, and industry executives attend the forum to share their experiences, ideas, and ambitions for the equestrian community. Attendees may participate in educational seminars, network with industry leaders, and obtain vital insights into the global equestrian environment.

Here you can learn more about riding and sports apparel, horse care products and equipment, feed and nutrition products, and much more. Plus, speakers will showcase new technologies and training methods that can help you achieve success.

European Equestrian Federation General Assembly

The European Equestrian Federation (EEF) General Assembly is an important event for European equestrian organizations and federations. 

This meeting serves as a forum for exchanging best practices, debating regulatory issues, and fostering collaboration among European equestrian organizations. 

Workshops, lectures, and panel discussions on a variety of themes, including governance, development programs, and event management, are available to participants. 

The EEF General Assembly provides a chance to promote unity, share ideas, and contribute to the growth and development of European equestrian sports.

International Symposium on Equine Reproduction (ISER)

The International Symposium on Horse Reproduction (ISER) is a well-known event for horse reproduction specialists usually held in Brazil over the summer. 

It draws veterinarians, researchers, and industry specialists who discuss their thoughts and achievements in horse reproductive science and technology. 

Attendees may expect lectures on themes such as breeding practices, reproductive health, and emerging technology affecting the horse breeding sector. The ISER gives a unique chance to remain current on the latest discoveries in horse reproduction and network with top practitioners in the industry.

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The United States Equestrian Federation Annual Meeting

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Annual Meeting is a highly anticipated event in the American equestrian community. This gathering brings together equestrians of all levels, including riders, trainers, breeders, and officials. 

Attendees can participate in educational seminars, rule change forums, and panel discussions led by experts in various equestrian disciplines. 

These meetings promise to make horse racing more ethical and safer for the horses, especially after seeing 12 horse deaths at Churchill Downs, which caused the horse racing regulatory to call an ‘emergency meeting’.

The USEF Annual Meeting offers a platform for networking, staying updated on industry developments, and engaging in constructive conversations to shape the future of equestrian sports in the United States.

The British Equestrian Federation Conferences

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) hosts a series of seminars on various elements of equestrianism. 

Coaching, horse care, grassroots engagement, and high-performance sport are among the themes covered at these seminars. 

The BEF conferences cater to individuals at all stages of their equestrian adventure, from novices to professionals, with a broad choice of programs and workshops. Attending these conferences helps attendees to obtain useful ideas, broaden their expertise, and interact with other horse enthusiasts.

It is the best place to go if you want to enter the competitive business of horse racing and actually make money from it.

The International Society for Equitation Science Conference

The International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) Conference is a must-attend event for people interested in the scientific side of equestrianism. 

This conference brings together academics, scientists, and equestrian professionals who are committed to advancing ethical and evidence-based horse training and care methods. 

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Presentations, seminars, and poster sessions at the ISES Conference will dig into the most recent research results and novel training methodologies. 

It serves as a forum for collaboration, discussion, and knowledge distribution in order to improve the well-being of horses in many equestrian sports.

Final Words

Attending equestrian conferences and summits provides an excellent opportunity to network with other horse enthusiasts, learn from industry professionals, and stay on top with current on the newest trends and breakthroughs in the equestrian field. 

These conferences are also great for growing the popularity of the sport and getting new generations interested in the science of horse racing.

It is a place where horse racing professionals gather to teach newbies the best practices about the sport. How to make it more exciting, and safer for both the horses and the jockeys, and introduce new technologies that will reshape the sport’s future.

Whether you’re a rider, trainer, breeder, or simply a passionate equestrian enthusiast, these events give a platform for you to foster your love of horses, broaden your horizons, and contribute to the growth and development of the equestrian community. 

So, mark your calendars, get ready to be immersed in a world of equestrian greatness, and prepare to be inspired at these top equestrian conferences and summits.

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