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21 Best Conference Websites Designs You’ll Want to Copy

Trade exhibitions and conferences are excellent places to find innovative business growth strategies. Undoubtedly, its influence is necessary for every brand to succeed in its industry. Without a website that will raise awareness, it can be difficult to promote forthcoming conferences. However, nowadays, technology may create conference websites more quickly and easily.

You’ve come to the right place if you need ideas for how to design your conference website. This collection of conference website designs features a variety of designs. They all use various strategies to make their conferences stand out, from straightforward designs to imaginative, tasteful, and sophisticated ones. So, have a look at them and select the best elements to use in your projects.

Best Practices for Conference Website Design

Anyone looking for information about your conference will start by using a search engine to find your website. Your website is a crucial marketing tool that can help you build credibility and advertise your event. Websites continue to be one of the best tools for promoting events that are now available.

They provide people with information. Web designers can follow a few strict rules to make their websites as aesthetically pleasing as possible while keeping them simple to navigate and interact with.

Here are some of the most recent developments in web design, along with some of the most important factors that businesses should take into account while creating event websites :

Get to the Point: Remember that your landing page delivers something that grabs the visitor’s interest. Focus on your event’s key message because no one looks at a web page for more than 10 seconds.

Make sure that anyone who hits the landing page of your website can quickly scan it, understand what the event is about, when and where it will take place, and how to register.

Put your location and date above the fold: Attendees must be able to identify the location and time of your event immediately. Customers may leave your website totally if they can’t easily find it. Make sure your audience knows their ability to attend before discussing speakers or other specifics.

The conference website is not the final product. They serve as a tool to achieve a physical event as the end goal.

Make it user-friendly (and responsive!): A beautiful event website is pointless if it is difficult to navigate. You should always imagine yourself as a visitor when developing your website. Your website needs to be responsive because more than half of your audience will visit it on a mobile device.

Avoid awkward dropdown menus and, if it’s possible, choose a single-page website. Test your event website across various browsers and devices before publishing it. Make sure that no text is too small.

Create time pressure by including a countdown feature: You may see a countdown that indicates how many days, hours, or minutes people have left to register for the event on a few of the websites we’ll look at below.

This is a great approach to instill a sense of urgency among website visitors and entice them to join up right now or risk missing out.

Use engaging images: Where do you think potential attendees will go after viewing your event page? Our research shows that YouTube and Google Images are the most popular referrals. Customers want visual evidence of what to expect from your events, like images or videos. Therefore, this is necessary.

As a result, when creating the website for your event, be sure to add pictures that perfectly capture the essence of the occasion and paint it as a memorable experience.

Have Multilingual Support: The most economical ways to promote your events are through multilingual websites. They help to expand collaborations, bring in more attendees, and give your events a worldwide perspective.

Have a clear call to action: Make it simple for people to sign up for your event since that is the ultimate goal of your page. To make it simple for visitors to convert when they’re ready, create a big “Register Here” or “Buy Tickets” button.

Identity & Branding: Every occasion needs branding. It expands audience reach and improves subliminal recognition of the event. Any occurrence, no matter how small, has the potential to grow into something important.

The success or failure of an event depends in part on the presentations, the activities, and the conference environment. Never undervalue the power of branding, whether it is through real items like banners and products or digital ones like websites and social media profiles.

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Best Conference Website Examples

Following our discussion of some ideal practices for conference websites, let’s examine how these 20+ conferences implemented those concepts.

  1. Ayomide – The limitless adaptability of Ayomide enables you to create various art-related websites, including those for conferences. You can mix and match the features, internal pages, and ready-to-use templates. Create a website to help you grow your company and attract more people to your shows. The one-page design of Ayomide is something else we admire. Work, time, place, and contact information are easily accessible.

  2. Demuxed – On the conference website Demuxed, engineers discuss every aspect of video technology. On the homepage, it has a hip and original design with all the necessary functions. With plenty of white space and violet as the website’s dominant color, the whole design is poised to dazzle visitors.

    This website not only features fantastic speaker presentations but also has a lovely and eye-catching calendar of events. Additionally, the asymmetrical composition of the photographs makes them visually intriguing.

  3. Dibi Conference – A reputable conference for UX designers, digital creatives, and front-end developers is called DIBI (Design It, Build It). This conference website has a simple layout but is filled with useful web features that are ideal for the conference website.

    In particular, it includes a straightforward menu, a nice speaker presentation, and an obvious list of sponsors and attendees. Users may access the speaker’s page, schedule, news, and location-specific. Of course, the CTA always gets the audience to respond right away.

  4. VueJS – With more than 25 Vue.js core members and professionals, VueJS is the World’s Most Special & Largest VueJS Conference. Its website is incredibly tidy, colorful, and slick and includes fun animation.

    A stunning hero banner with a simple image background, a clear call to action, and a catchy headline are just a few of the amazing qualities the homepage is packed with and ready to dazzle potential attendees with.

    In addition, the parallax effect and the straightforward presentation of the conference’s organizers provide design elegance. Additionally, a sticky header is used to keep the menu visible.

  5. Circle Conference – The conference website design at Circle Conference is superb. The homepage of this website is completely fantastic, impressive, and aesthetically pleasing because of the large, bold typography it uses.

    They stand out for having large, high-quality photos, an asymmetrical layout, crisp typography, uniformity across all web pages, and other crucial characteristics.

    Other noteworthy features include an off-canvas menu, video integration, social media icons, and clear CTAs. The creative community is a fantastic location to learn from thinkers and innovators who are changing the world.

  6. UX Fest – We scrolled this interactive page several times since it is so entertaining. The “Stay Home and Level Up” picture to the right of the initial Conference box is one example of the entertaining, distinctive design elements that are used to introduce new conference information as you scroll down the page.

    The page’s simplicity and abundance of blue space on either side let visitors learn about the conference while feeling peaceful.

  7. Canvas Conference – A photograph of people conversing and networking at a prior event serves as Canvas’ backdrop image on the 2021 conference homepage to emphasize the value of the Canvas Conference—insider stories from product people.

    To draw in visitors, the page also makes no effort to avoid using vivid, bright colors like purples, greens, and blues. Additionally, the cost is prominently displayed so that people can determine whether they can afford to attend the event before continuing to look around.

  8. Aiga Design Conference – For all artists nationwide, it’s the largest occasion of the year. The homepage has a beautiful layout and appears classy, thanks to the black backdrop and red web elements.

    Bold font for the headline and a distinct CTA also make up the beautiful design of the hero header. Multiple image displays highlighted with a fluid slider are below the hero scene.

    The speakers’ presentation is done on this website using a similar seamless slider. Furthermore, the social media icons at the bottom always emphasize the website’s success.

  9. Loupe – A Framer conference on interactive design and inventive code is called Loupe. It is designed to promote forthcoming conferences simply and effectively to draw in more registrants.

    While other websites’ homepages include many web elements, Loupe uses fewer but more interesting ones. In particular, it has a straightforward vertical menu and square boxes that show a lovely spectrum.

    Additionally, a video overview of the prior conference and a recap website are included. The design of the tickets page is equally straightforward but eye-catching. Similarly, the FAQ and about pages are much more intriguing.

  10. Phocuswright Conference – The Phocuswright Conference emphasizes technology and innovation in addition to travel. It’s a meet-up that introduces guests to some of the most important figures in the travel business, including Airbnb, Google, IBM, Kayak, Booking.com, and other well-known brands.

    The homepage has a stunning design with many vivid and modern components. The completely functional CTAs, a good, colorful graphic style, and a cool menu make up the hero scenario. This website uses a sticky menu to make navigation simple and quick because it is so important to the overall design and usability.

  11. ECommerce Conference – The eCommerce Conference is an exclusive organization focused on inclusive e-commerce. Its goal is to build a future where e-commerce will thrive, support the interests of e-commerce businesses, and advance the understanding and adoption of e-commerce.

    Every website’s homepage is crucial to its success; thus, the eCommerce Conference ensures it is attractive and well-organized. The hero header has a large, strong headline with a call to action and a clear, uncluttered background.

    Additionally, the speakers and moderators area uses a clean layout and an awesome hover effect, which makes it appear fantastic.

  12. Lines Conference – The wordsmiths, content strategists, and original people who enjoy “communicating to the world in 140 characters” are the target audience for this conference.

    This is also perfect for those who view social media as their platform and their megaphone for making their opinions and thoughts heard through modern technology.

    To further its objectives globally, this conference has a fantastic website that corresponds to it. It offers an outstanding site with a simple but polished appearance. See what additional incredible elements you can use for your project shortly.

  13. We Cargo – A project between Liege Airport and Leansquare called We Freight is dedicated to advancing the air cargo sector. The website has amazing features and components that are ready to dazzle any audience.

    The homepage appears amazing thanks to the GSAP animation, good typography, and basic layout. Along with the superb animation, it also has a lovely dropdown menu, a wonderful hover effect, and more. See more noteworthy details in this example.

  14. Digital Design Days – A creative and contemporary design makes Digital Design Days the ideal source of inspiration. It serves as a hub for the international digital design community.

    It is a meeting place for thousands of the top professionals and most inventive thinkers around the globe. It has a particularly appealing homepage design to entice more visitors to the website. The hero scene features a great animation with social media buttons, headlines, and an off-canvas menu.

  15. CEO Mindshare Summit – A great website to encourage other conference moderators is CEO Mindshare Summit. It emphasizes entertaining events, networking opportunities, and educational content. The website provides outstanding features and a stylish, classy design.

    The homepage includes a list of speakers, a brief summary of the conference, the location, and a straightforward menu. In particular, the speakers’ website includes a lovely design with grayscale images of each speaker. Additionally, the agenda page has a very straightforward structure with lots of white space and tabs.

  16. Gramado Summit – Gramado Summit aspires to unite the innovation, communication, and technology pillars and improve the entrepreneurial reality. The website has an excellent design and now uses GSAP animation to make it look more interesting.

    The homepage includes various web elements, including a ticker that lists the still available tickets, lovely gradient web elements, and a seamless video collection with eye-catching hover effects.

    Additionally, it incorporates an off-canvas menu, access to social media, a stunning newsletter, fantastic testimonials, and more. The style of the ticket page is also attractive and colorful.

  17. SISO – The website for SISO CEO Summit is really well designed. It is the annual networking and information-sharing event for both large and small international show organizers.

    The split-screen presentation of the content in the hero sequence is stunning. The website’s predominant color is blue, and the font is excellent. Additionally, the slider that showcases different content elevates the design. Social networking links, video integration, sticky headers, obvious CTAs, and more fantastic features are included.

  18. Coworking Europe – An annual Coworking Europe conference is dedicated to entrepreneurship, innovation, and the future of the workplace. More than fifty presenters and panelists from around Europe, North America, and beyond are prepared to share their ideas and best practices with 600+ attendees.

    This website greets visitors with a clear CTA, intriguing headline, and captivating video background. The website uses a sticky menu to make it easier to browse other pages and increase audience retention. Additionally, it has a nice, tidy pricing table and a great slider-based testimonial display.

  19. Meetings International – Its website is cleanly laid out, modern, and features vivid web elements. For both hosts and moderators, it is the ideal gateway. The audience can quickly look for the conference that is visible on the hero header, ready to establish the connection for both sides.

    Similar to how the card design makes the forthcoming meetings appear polished and imaginative. The sticky social media icons in the sidebar are used to enable quick access to the company’s social media pages. Additionally, the sticky header is utilized to keep readers on the page.

  20. Get Your Leach On (GYLO) – It’s one of the collection’s most vivacious and bright website ideas. On every website, the homepage usually makes an initial impression. GYLO thus places emphasis on and attention to creating a top-notch homepage.

    In particular, the background of the hero scene features a smooth slider and a countdown timer. It combines sizable boxes with interesting hover effects to showcase the company’s knowledge and capabilities. Additionally, it incorporates video to convey the contents more effectively.

    The upcoming conferences also have a gallery-style display employing card designs for each event, which makes them look organized and cutting-edge.

  21. The Next Web Conference – One of the most inventive and alluring conferences on this list is The Next Web Conference. The use of an asymmetrical structure for the hero header makes the photographs appear fantastic and innovative.

    Of course, the CTA and headline are never dull, so ignore them. The magazine layout it utilizes, in addition to the sticky header it uses for quick and simple access to other pages, makes future conferences even more beautiful.

    A little box with a grayscale photo of the speaker’s portion symbolizes each speaker. Additionally, this website never forgets to include the newsletter subscription site fashionably as it is one of the most useful and effective methods for promoting upcoming conferences.
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Where to Get Free Conference Website Templates

Thankfully, there are several templates available to assist you in creating an engaging conference website.

WordPress Conference Templates

If your website is powered by WordPress, for instance, you can utilize one of the platform’s themes to build an attractive, slick, expert website that will draw and convert visitors into event attendees.

The best part is that you can start with a pre-designed theme and then add distinctive features to set your conference apart using WordPress’ user-friendly website builder. WordPress has a free edition and a $25/month Business subscription.

Wix Conference Templates

Wix is another excellent choice; it has a huge selection of attractive, interactive website layouts for conferences and gatherings. There is a free edition of Wix, and the Professional version costs only $23 per month.

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Additionally, you can modify your website for mobile users, ensuring that they will be just as eager to attend your conference as desktop users.

Canva Conference Templates

Check out Canva’s conference, and event program templates to finish. With drag-and-drop capabilities, color schemes, and high-quality stock pictures, illustrations, and graphics, Canva is remarkably simple to use.

The best part is that if you’re designing with a team, you can quickly share your editable file from Canva and then add the recommendations from your team members directly into Canva.

Building Your Conference Website

You’ve got it now, then! Now that you have the foundation in place, you can start building your own conference website in order to draw more people to the event and boost attendance. Perhaps in the future, your business will be included on this list. All the best!

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