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11 Best LinkedIn Scraper Tools

The internet is full of countless possibilities and possibilities, and LinkedIn is one of the super assets to get you plenty of data and outcomes. But how can we use it successfully? That’s simple: Data scraping.

Are you looking to extract data from LinkedIn to generate leads, conduct competitor analysis, and source talent but don’t know which tools you need? Don’t fret, because, in this text, we will provide a listing of the best LinkedIn scrapers within the marketplace to help you make a knowledgeable selection whilst deciding on the one that fits your desires. Let’s get into that!

LinkedIn scraping is the process of extracting valuable data, such as company descriptions, job titles, and user profiles from the LinkedIn platform using scrapers. To get this data, you can choose to buy LinkedIn datasets or extract it manually, which is often either too costly or takes a lot of time to achieve.

Top LinkedIn Data Scraping Tools


Phantombuster is arguably the first-rate LinkedIn scraping device.

This is particularly due to its talents, which consist of the potential to extract a whole lot of statistics from the LinkedIn network, consisting of name, job title, employer name, and email address. Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface, making the procedure of extracting statistics from LinkedIn tons faster and more efficient.

Organizations looking to keep track of top talent use Phantombuster to achieve their goals by just launching it repeatedly to create a spreadsheet of their daily searches. And with three flexible paid plans and their 14-day free trial, who would say no to streamlining lead generation and networking efforts seamlessly?


Dripify is an innovative productivity tool for LinkedIn that, when used as it should be, revolutionizes deal closing and income prospecting with a couple of functions.

Some of the outstanding functions of this tool are how human-friendly it is, allowing users to set up scraping tasks effortlessly and get output in CSV format.

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You also can benefit from Dripify’s customized messaging, automated follow-ups, and the capability to use synthetic intelligence to pick out and connect with high-potential professionals on LinkedIn. Its pricing structure comes with basic, pro, and advanced plans, which all come with customization tools for integrating the platform with other tools you may be using.

Captain Data

Are you seeking a good platform to revolutionize how your sales and advertising and marketing teams work? If so, look no further, because Captain Data provides ready-to-use workflows that you can use to automate the process of selecting, enriching, and addressing LinkedIn prospects in a personalized manner.

As a powerful no-code program, it has proven to be more than reliable for data management processes, including extracting, aggregating, and integrating data with unmatched ease. This will save you up to 90% of the resources that you would use to manage automation.


There aren’t many AI-based LinkedIn scraping tools to work with, but Lyne is one of the best and most efficient ones available. Developed to write personalized introduction lines for emails, it has revolutionized how organizations gather data and effortlessly discover their leads’ contacts.

If you want to unlock business opportunities by accessing the most beneficial insights from LinkedIn, Lyne is the perfect tool for you. This is because it provides you with real-time data to make the identification of prospects seamless. And unlike most tools, it has a free and customizable plan with add-ons as part of its pricing range.


With the abundance of data on LinkedIn, having a platform to facilitate the supercharging of lead generation is crucial for any business owner, and Magical is the best tool to create that scraping experience that you’ve been yearning for. Its unmatched LinkedIn capabilities enable it to gather valuable information from numerous profiles, including the users’ contact details, employment history, and skills, faster than other tools.

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Moreover, Magical’s intelligent algorithms can adapt to different types of profile layouts, speeding up the extraction process and making it more accurate. All that without the need for APIs or additional integrations, and the ability to add it to Chrome for free.

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is an effective and comprehensive LinkedIn scraping platform that streamlines the prospecting process and automates tasks related to advertising campaigns, lead generation, and income outreach, ultimately boosting business profitability.

It allows you to automate mundane tasks while specializing in extracting important facts, including e-mail addresses, agency names, and job titles. This gives you enough space to engage with your network and generate more leads. Moreover, it comes with advanced capabilities, such as connection requests and automated LinkedIn messaging, not to mention reporting and analytic tools that let you track your campaigns’ performance and adjust outreach efforts over time to make them more effective.


Evaboot is hands-down the best LinkedIn sales navigator on the market thanks to its robust ability to provide businesses with a competitive edge through streamlined data collection. Basically, it is just a Chrome extension with advanced algorithms that extract data directly from both corporate and personal profiles.

With one-click functionality, it adds a call to action, “Export with Evaboot,” directly into the LinkedIn sales navigator, allowing you to extract all scraped contacts’ information in your filtered search. The received file is then received directly into your sales automation solutions as a CSV.


Dux-soup is available as a Chrome extension and boasts superior data-scraping capabilities that allow users to extract treasured data from LinkedIn.

It pairs accuracy with scalability and pace to create outreach campaigns that will allow you to get the desired results.

Dux-soup mechanically reaches out to and engages with LinkedIn profiles, which makes it a useful and standout platform for generating leads. It additionally provides data protection and no longer requires third-party access.

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Linked Helper

Linked Helper is a LinkedIn automation tool mainly designed for intelligent outreach but with a powerful data-scraping feature. It lets you extract crucial data such as names and email addresses, then sends the outcome at once into your customer relationship management system for nourishment and nurturing.

This has proven powerful for organizations and individual users seeking to automate their efforts of generating leads.

It has a flexible payment structure with a free trial, a standard plan, and a pro plan, each with a suite of unique features.


Scraping LinkedIn profiles and sites for data can be tedious, but not with ProspectIn, which allows you to streamline LinkedIn messaging, profile visits, follow-ups, and skill endorsements. You can then increase the number of leads by developing targeted outreach strategies.

LinkedIn has strict limitations on how many connections, messages, and profile visits a person can make on the platform, and using ProspectIn’s “safe mode” function, you can set limits to your direct activity to avoid suspension or account deletion.

La Growth Machine

La Growth Machine is one of the best solutions for automatic multi-channel prospecting. It lets you personalize every scenario with a current template or from scratch, and the opportunities with the platform are nearly infinite.

Luckily, La Growth Machine is not a Chrome extension and can therefore work on all operating systems to create qualified links and send targeted messages, making it simple to export data to other platforms.

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