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Top 10 Best Conference Rooms For Rent in Austin, TX

Looking for a place to host your next business meeting or conference in Austin? Check out the conference rooms for rent in Austin, TX! Our facilities are perfect for any event, and our team will work with you to make sure your meeting goes off without a hitch. Give us a call today to learn more about our conference room rentals!

Austin is the ideal city in which to hold your conference. Make sure you reserve the appropriate Austin conference room while hosting a small gathering or bringing together important stakeholders.

Numerous unique conference rooms are available for short-term or long-term rental in Austin, which is well renowned for being the corporate event capital of the world. We will assist you in sorting through the various choices to locate the one that provides all you require from the space.

Top 10 Conference Rooms For Rent in Austin

Locate the ideal location for your upcoming conference room. Here you can quickly find and reserve a choice of local conference rooms in Austin, TX.

Meeting Retreat in Hill Country Home – Views

Location : Terrace mountain, Austin, TX
Area : 3595sqft
Price : $150/hour (3hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Monitor and Coffee

This post is for exclusive access to a stunning 3500 square foot, mid-century modern property that is only 5 miles from the heart of Austin. This is the ideal spot if you’re seeking for an area that stimulates creativity through interior design or a striking view of nature. The 2013 structure is spacious, light, and airy. The common space is surrounded by windows, highlighting the breathtaking hill country scenery.

A 112′ deck with many places to relax or hang out in between sessions is located outside the windows. There are 3 individual rooms and 2 bathrooms in addition to the common area. Breakout meetings can be held in the spacious bedroom. The other two are ideal for an individual call or discussion.

Conference Room – Creative Meeting Space with Mural

Location : Govalle, Austin, TX
Area : 200sqft
Price : $40/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Whiteboard, Monitor, Printer, Apple TV and Coffee

The creative conference room at Createscape, the 200 sqft, is ideal for individual meetings, workshops, and training sessions. An authentic wall painting surrounds a specially made bowling alley table that can comfortably sit 6–8 people. Additional chairs, a whiteboard, and a presentation screen can be used.

Free coffee, tea, and filtered water are provided as complimentary amenities. Additionally, there is a kitchen available for use. Onsite parking is also available for free.

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Creative Meeting Space on East 6th

Location : East Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX
Area : 1500sqft
Price : $99/hour (4hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Screen and Whiteboard

Your meeting could take place in the city’s drab hotel conference room. Or, if you register with them, you may host it in a space created to foster innovation. The Secret Garden on 6th’s 1000 Sqft indoor/outdoor meeting area is a unique setting that is ideal for workshops, training sessions, and other events.

Your staff will be delighted by a gorgeous garden area that is more than just a table and some seats. There will definitely be something for everyone at this Urban Oasis. Nature, convenient parking, food, beverages, and a lot more.

Domain Area Hotel Meeting Room

Location : North Burnet, Austin, TX
Area : 300sqft
Price : $72/hour (4hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Whiteboard, Monitor, Printer and Coffee

The conference room at their brand-new hotel is furnished with a flat-screen TV, white boards, HDMI hookups, free wifi and wired internet, as well as a variety of additional conveniences to make your meeting memorable. Their 300 square foot board room has seating for six boardroom-style, ten U-shaped, and twelve to sixteen theater-style.

Their conference room is close to their lobby and offers access to a common outdoor area. Visitors attending meeting rooms are free to leave and use these areas as well.

Meeting Space with Dual Screens, Whiteboard Walls, Free Parking

Location : Galindo, Austin, TX
Area : 320sqft
Price : $65/hour (2hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Screen, Whiteboard, Monitor and Coffee

This 12-by-27-foot conference room is perfect for off-site meetings, investor and sales presentations, board meetings, high-quality remote video conferences, and online webinars and conventions. It can accommodate teams of up to 14 people.

This chic and highly functional meeting space is ideal for local in-person meetings or meetings with remote participants. Teams who want a lot of whiteboard space will find this room to be ideal.

Modern Conference Room in The Domain

Location : North Burnet – Gateway, Austin, TX
Area : 144sqft
Price : $45/hour (2hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs and Monitor

Any meeting would be ideal in this cutting-edge conference room. This area comfortably seats 6, is guaranteed to surprise your customers or staff. This room, which is conveniently accessible for all of your Austin-based meetings, is situated on the second floor of a residential building inside The Domain.

The space’s amenities include WiFi, comfortable seating for six people, a round conference table, and a 42-inch TV with which you can link in and show presentations. Pets and smoking are not allowed in the area. In this area, alcohol may never be served or consumed. The area is close to restrooms.

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Bright, Private Studio Space in North Central Austin

Location : Crestview, Austin, TX
Area : 698sqft
Price : $100/hour (4hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Screen, Flip charts, Whiteboard, Conference phone, Printer, Apple TV and Coffee

This studio space in the heart of Austin is available for all-day meetings and is conveniently close to the Metro Rail, buses, bikes, and free parking. Your team will like the spacious, modern setting with a full kitchen, patio, and 10 table seats. The studio’s design is impartial and adaptable. Use it for team gatherings, business planning, baby or wedding showers, and events.

Everything you need for a meeting is available in the room, including fiber internet, two dry-erase boards, two screens with Apple TV, and a printer. Public transportation, dining establishments, coffee shops, and a brewery are all close by.

Training or Boardroom Setup – Multiple Configurations

Location : North Crossing, Austin, TX
Area : 360sqft
Price : $100/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Whiteboard and Monitor

With floor-to-ceiling windows, the Espresso room offers views of the surrounding woods. The space has a rollaway TV with video conferencing capabilities and whiteboards for taking notes during meetings.

This space has 20 classroom seats or 16 boardroom seats for meetings. Outside of the typical office hours of M-F 8:30 AM-6:00 PM, additional setup and after-hours costs can be necessary. Rental costs are $100 per hour, $350 for four hours, and $700 for a full day.

Creative Space for Brainstorming Meetings and more

Location : Govalle, Austin, TX
Area : 1250sqft
Price : $72/hour (3hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Projector, Screen, Whiteboard and Coffee

Their studio, which is less than ten minutes from the city center, was created with an emphasis on creativity and light. They are primarily a working art studio, but after realizing how much people genuinely love just being here, they also decided to rent out space for co working and meetings. They would be delighted to host you and collaborate with you to make your session simple, memorable, and productive.

When you visit the studio, their aim is to handle all the minor details that could cause you to become preoccupied and miss the main points of your event. The fact that they are an art studio, which promotes creativity, is what distinguishes the area as unique.

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Roomy and Versatile Meeting Space in South Austin with Private Entrance

Location : Galindo, Austin, TX
Area : 368sqft
Price : $65/hour (1hr minimum)
Amenities : Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Screen, Whiteboard, Monitor and Coffee

This 16 by 23-foot conference room can hold groups of up to 12 individuals. Meeting Space 3 provides an alternative to conventional meeting rooms that is ideal for creative workshops, brainstorming, and other alternative meeting formats. It combines table seating and less formal “casual” seating.

The outside covered lounge is directly accessible from this space, providing many alternatives for dynamic meetings and teams. Among the amenities are a single 75-inch flat-panel monitor, simple controls for all the equipment in the room, and high-speed WiFi for everyone attending meetings.


How much does a meeting room cost to rent in Austin?

Renting a meeting room in Austin typically costs $85 per hour, but depending on your needs, you may pay less or more. Expect to pay closer to $49 for a smaller location, while larger venues cost roughly $100 per hour.

How popular are meeting rooms in Austin?

Reviews for the local hosts’ meeting spaces have been left by 48094+ guests, scoring them an average 4.87 stars. About 99% of them even indicated they would book again.

How long do people rent meeting rooms in Austin?

The majority of meetings are scheduled for 7 hours and include 15 persons. The majority of meetings will commence between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM.


Select the location of the city that is most suitable for your conference, focus your search on the amenities and the size of the space, and look for dates and times that are convenient for you and other guests. Conference room reservations are as simple as making an in-app booking, and fast confirmation makes it simple to schedule your conference.

Share the reservation information with every person on your guest list so that they are all aware of the meeting location and time. So stop searching every corner for conference rooms and let us bring them directly to you instead.

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