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List of all JavaScript Conferences in 2023

JavaScript has surpassed all other programming languages in terms of usage during the last ten years. Because of how frequently this code is used, more and more programmers are deciding to learn more about Javascript.

There are so many ways to learn JavaScript, but is there a better approach to learning than to follow the advice of successful people while surrounded by those who are willing to share their knowledge with you? that is why conferences are so effective at enhancing your engineering skills.

The JavaScript community and language are expanding quickly, so by attending java script conferences; you can ensure that you don’t fall behind. In this article, we have provided the list of top java script conferences that you can attend in 2023.

 What is a JavaScript Conference?

At JavaScript conferences, Developers, software engineers, and other experts gather to address issues related to JavaScript. In addition to networking, attendees frequently learn about the newest programming language applications and business advancements.

Programming language JavaScript is used in a variety of contexts. The top JavaScript conferences frequently set out time for an in-depth examination of one or two of the numerous JavaScript frameworks, including Node and React. As a result, wherever you are in a java script conference, you will always return home with new knowledge and improved working methods.

Why Should You Attend JavaScript Conferences 2023?

Programming environments that support productivity are crucial. The goal of all JavaScript conferences, meetups, and events is to assist programmers and developers of all levels.

Some of the main advantages of going to these events are listed below.

1. Career advancement: JavaScript conferences provide attendees meetings and events with crucial advice and insider knowledge for landing a job. Attendees will be able to achieve their professional goals and keep up with emerging technological developments thanks to this exposure.

2. Skill development: Large conferences frequently feature practical workshops. Casual gatherings can frequently lead to project collaborations where individuals can code, work through issues as a team, and discover new developer tools. This is a fantastic approach to seeing other programmers at work and learning from them.

3. Networking: You will have plenty of opportunities at every kind of event to network and meet others who share your interests. Professional JavaScript developers may be available for one-on-one conversations at more formal events. At gatherings, people frequently exchange business cards and contact information to keep in touch.

4. “Job Market“: Specific speeches on career opportunities and the current employment market are frequently offered at conferences and events. Senior managers or professional coders can offer insightful commentary on the current employment landscape. Some businesses may even actively recruit employees by attending conferences or events.

How Can You Make the Most Out of a JavaScript Conference?

Attending a JavaScript conference does not always have the anticipated results. To get the most of the meeting, you need adhere to the rules. Without self-control, attending a conference might not provide you with any worthwhile knowledge or experiences.

The following three actions will help you make the most of a JavaScript conference.

1. Pick the Correct Conference and Correct Sessions: The initial action you must take is to go to a conference that meets your current needs. You are not required to attend any of the numerous conferences. Spend some time defining your goals and deciding which conferences will best support them.

Furthermore, you are not required to attend every session at a conference because there are many of them. Your primary focus should be to attend events that will advance your objectives. If you have the chance, feel free to attend more sessions.

2. Take Part Actively: Concentrate on what is being discussed at any session you decide to attend at a conference. Make a note of the key details. Participate in the round of questions and answers. Interact with the panelists.

3. Reduce Distractions: In public settings, it’s simple to become sidetracked. Conferences on JavaScript are not an exception. Always find something enjoyable to do. As much as you can, try to participate in enjoyable activities without getting distracted.

While you are at the conference, put your phone aside. Immerse yourself in the conference atmosphere. That is how you maximize your presence.

List of all JavaScript Conferences 2023

NameDate & VenueAboutWhy should you attend?Register
JavaScript and Friends ConferenceJuly 29, 2022 /
Columbus, United States
A group of volunteers put together the non-profit conference JavaScript and Friends (JS&Friends). JS&Friends is open to all. All of them are working or aspiring software professionals, and they are thrilled to gather a variety of JavaScript fans and friends to share knowledge and build relationships. With this conference, they hope to contribute to the development of a friendly, open, and vibrant tech community in the Midwest and beyond. This conference is for you whether you are a seasoned professional, a boot camp or college student, a self-taught developer, or somewhere in between!Web development, mobile development, design, testing, professional soft skills, and other tracks will be covered in their breakout sessions this year. The money raised by JS&Friends will be used to foster the developer scene in the Midwest and beyond. It might entail providing scholarships for boot camps for prospective programmers. It might entail supporting neighborhood Meetup groups for JavaScript and associated technologies. They are enthusiastic about the potential, and would love to hear your thoughts!Click here to register
International JavaScript ConferenceSeptember 26 - 29, 2022 /
New York and online
Reputable JavaScript specialists from all over the world gathers at the International JavaScript Conference. The world of JavaScript is continually changing, so there is always something new to learn. You may participate in that shift and keep up with the most recent trends by attending the International JavaScript Conference. Join them, utilize their professional networking platform, and effectively communicate your skills by joining them.The benefits of attending this seminar are numerous. There will be keynotes, presentations, and live coding for four whole days. You will have the chance to network with professionals and members of the java script community. There will be more than 40 speakers from different countries who will share their knowledge with you. You will have the opportunity to learn about the most recent advancements in JavaScript. A power workshop will be held at the conclusion to further your understanding.Click here to register
HalfStack Newquay- js ConferenceJuly 1, 2022 /
Newquay, United Kingdom
HalfStack places a high value on the attendance experience, which includes fantastic food, drinks, lectures, swag, and fellowship. HalfStack will make its maiden appearance in Newquay and is co-hosted by the leaders of Future Sync and London's oldest JavaScript meetup group. HalfStack is a casual, one-day single track conference that encourages creativity. In addition to the official event, they can choose to spend a casual afternoon at the beach on Saturday. For the first time, you are also welcome to sign up and bring your children. A session on algorithmic coding for children ages 8 and up will be held if there is enough demand.HalfStack carefully selects speeches that engage the audience in a fun and engaging way while inspiring and educating them. Each participant has enough time to get to know one another; HalfStack Newquay may hold up to 150 people. There will be a memorable event. a genuine, high-value experience centered on innovative JavaScript and web development for attendees and sponsors.Click here to register
NodeJS Global Summit'22May 18 - 19, 2022 /
Geekle never stops and will be hosting the online Global Summit for Node.js'22 on May 18–19, 2022, even while offline events are momentarily halted. Leading authorities from around the globe who are prepared to discuss the difficulties working with Node.js are their speakers.
Geekle has the special ability to organise large tech summits with 10,000+ people in many tech fields. Now they want to create something completely new for the Node.js community.
Join them at the Online Summit for Node.js Developers if you want to learn about the most recent Node.js developments. This is a fantastic opportunity for tech professionals and all of you guys who want to advance your Node.js knowledge. Two days will include: Senior Track, Junior Free Track, 30+ speakers from TOP Companies from across the world, 24 hours of lectures from TOP Speakers, Q&A sessions, and panel discussionsClick here to register
React Advanced ConferenceOctober 21 - 24, 2022 /
London and Virtual
Both the React ecosystem and community have expanded significantly over the past few years, as has the difficulty of creating JavaScript and web applications. Connect with the global network of subject matter experts and learn about the framework if you want to embark on this adventure with the assistance of others. Any level of engineer is welcome, but be ready for hardcore. This year's model will be hybrid, with the second day's free workshops being streamed to a global audience online together with the first day's hybrid networking features from the London venue.800+ worldwide React specialists from around the world attend React Advanced in London, both on stage and in the crowd. In addition to hearing from them during speeches, attendees can also learn from them at breaks and related activities. It may be tremendously inspiring to connect with, converse with, and learn from top-tier talent in the field. The developers will be surrounded by a varied collection of individuals that have built and maintain the React ecosystem and who work to address issues developers have run into. The members of your team can come back inspired and ready to put what they've learned to use.Click here to register
UtahJS ConferenceSeptember 23, 2022 /
Draper, United States
An educational non-profit organization in Utah called UtahJS encourages web development in JavaScript for students and developers of all skill levels. They are a very vibrant group of JavaScript aficionados who are eager to learn and share. Because UtahJS is a nonprofit, sponsorship payments are tax deductible.The conference offers the chance to become a part of a small but close-knit group of regional software engineers. You will learn about the professional etiquette and local developer ecosystems. For engineers in Utah and the surrounding area, it is a regional event. The discussion will cover every aspect of JavaScript, and it will last for one day.Click here to register
React New YorkFebruary 24, 2023 /
Brooklyn, NY
PIM & headless commerce solution Crystallize is in charge of planning and presenting React Day New York. These are gatherings for networking and skill development for the frontend community. Join them for a full day of React and frontend tech talks in one of the best venues the biggest and brightest concrete jungle has to offer.Engaging discussions with the top speakers from the React community are what you can anticipate. There will be free bowling and unique networking opportunities. Dinner, lunch, and freebies. There will indeed be hot dogs. There will be a live stream of the main event and an all-access virtual experience available for those who are unable to attend.Click here to register
Connect.TechNovember 7 - 9, 2022 /
Atlanta, United States
The largest multiframework frontend conference in the USA is called CONNECT.TECH. It's a top-notch Web, HTML, CSS, mobile, and design conference for the same cost as a community conference! This year, are you interested in going to a React conference, an Angular conference, a Vue.js conference, a JavaScript conference, a Node conference, a mobile conference, or a UX/Design conference? Why not choose a place that offers all of these?80+ in-depth seminars and 3 fantastic keynotes are included. Attend workshops led by qualified instructors to get practical knowledge. Over the course of two days, you will receive 8 tracks with specialists from their international front-end community. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, a conference reception, t-shirts, inclusion into our massive raffle, and more are all included in the ticket price.Click here to register
JS Camp VirtualJune 16 and 20, 2022 /
Amsterdam and Virtual
JSNation is a two-day, two-track conference that only addresses JavaScript development. Learn about the JavaScript development ecosystem's future and interact with its outstanding community! The event's format will be hybrid this year, with the first day (June 16) being streamed from the Amsterdam location and featuring interactive entertainment and hybrid networking opportunities, and the second day (June 20), as well as the numerous free workshops, being streamed to a global audience online.Join online speaker and discussion groups to make new friends and discover career prospects. Get the opportunity to attend JSNation with a full remote ticket without having to go to Amsterdam. During our walking and boat tours, discover Amsterdam with new acquaintances. Participate in conversations centered on particular technology. Hang out with like-minded individuals. On June 16, discussion rooms will be hosted in a hybrid style, and on June 20, they will only be held remotely.Click here to register
The Principal Dev – Masterclass for Tech LeadsMay 5 - 6, 2022 /
Tel Aviv, Israel
The program is intended for motivated and experienced engineers who are already proficient programmers and have a desire to have a greater effect on their team and business. You'll learn a lot about software engineering best practices, including pair programming, code reviews, dealing with technical debt, and much more, even though it's not a coding course. You will collaborate with like-minded individuals in small groups to address a variety of issues, including streamlining development procedures, identifying economical fixes for issues, and enhancing the interviewing procedure.What separates a software development team leader from a developer? You now have responsibility for people's behaviour, motivation, and performance as a team leader. Your team's output is also your output. You will learn in this program what it takes to be a great tech leader, how to grow personally as a leader, and how to manage leadership and technical responsibilities. You will discover how to: in a sensible, down-to-earth mannerClick here to register
DevTernity - the top developer conferenceDecember 8 - 9, 2022 /
DevTernity is the largest international software development conference held in Latvia, with a focus on technical leadership, best practices, and software architecture. The conference, which was founded in 2015 by the founders of a nonprofit Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community, has seen steady development and, at its most popular, attracted 750 participants. DevTernity has earned a reputation as Europe's top multidisciplinary conference.In three parallel tracks, the conference will feature 20 carefully selected international speakers. Practical, instructor-led workshops are the focus of the second conference day. The conference organizers make sure that the Code of Conduct is upheld in order to provide a welcome and harassment-free atmosphere for participants of all ethnicities, gender and trans statuses, sexual orientations, physical abilities, physical appearances, and beliefs.Click here to register
Front Conference ZurichAugust 31 - September 1, 2023 /
They have grown to become the biggest web conference in Switzerland by focusing on the latest in design and technology. Their interest has grown as a result of the industry's maturation. These days, they also include management subjects including UX strategy, IT governance, and design leadership. Their attendance range from interns to managers, and they draw renowned speakers to Zurich to present speeches and workshops where they may share their expertise. They have many devoted professionals who return each year, and the conference has become into a venue to learn and network.The conference is a chance to network with smart people and participate in a community event. Because of this, they make an effort to keep ticket prices as cheap as possible to make the event accessible to everybody. Additionally, they give the videos of all sessions and a live feed of both tracks during the conference.Click here to register
React Native EUSeptember 1 - 2, 2022 /
The first React Native-only community conference in Europe is called RNEU. This is a special location where RN developers can broaden their knowledge by studying the greatest industry experts and Core Contributors. Since 2017, we've gathered the React Native community every September and provided a ton of chances for growth and inspiration. They will gather at React Native EU for the sixth time this year, and for the third time it will be a fully online event, so you can once again receive all the expert talks right at your house.Their online meeting is cost-free in every way. 20 live-streamed presentations as well as React Native Super Stars will be featured. Only high-tech stuff is presented during the conference. There will be a chance for interaction between attendees and speakers. You will have access to the keynotes and the resources. This will be a one-of-a-kind experience for the React Native community.Click here to register
SmashingConf FreiburgSeptember 5 - 7, 2022 /
SmashingConf is a welcoming, all-inclusive conference that emphasises problems and solutions that exist in the real world. It includes one track, 14 presenters, 300–400 participants, two days, plus a tonne of practical workshops.
Their speakers hardly ever use slides; instead, they demonstrate their setup, methods, and short cuts for completing tasks during real-time interactive sessions. So anticipate live sketching, redesign, debugging, and everything in between. Although SmashingConf is front-end and UX-focused, it covers all things web, including interface design and machine learning.
All discussions will be recorded professionally and will be followed live with live transcriptions, so you can follow along. This online event platform will be quick, welcoming, and easy to use. Obtain more behind-the-scenes interviews and video from our Smashing "online reporter" while they are filming at the event, and have unrestricted access to all recordings afterward. Engage in internet networking, socialising, and entertaining side pursuits. In a welcoming, motivating, and exciting environment, there will be speakers, sessions, and hands-on workshops that have been carefully selected.Click here to register
Svelte Summit FallSeptember 8 - 9, 2022 /
Stockholm, Sweden
An occasion devoted to Svelte and everything going on in the neighborhood is called Svelte Summit. First time they are actually going in person. Avoid missing it! It's going to be so much fun!There will be speeches and sessions from speakers from all over the world over the course of two days. Additionally, there will be two nights of parties where you may socialize with other Svelte developers. On both days, there will also be breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with vegan options).Click here to register
React Day New YorkFebruary 24, 2023 /
New York
React Day New York 2023, produced and organized by Crystallize, is your chance to up your React game and network while they are back in the Big Apple LIVE and in person. Join them for a full day of React and frontend tech talks in one of the best venues the biggest and brightest concrete jungle has to offer.You will experience engrossing discussions from the top React community speakers. It is a unique networking opportunity with free bowling. Dinner, lunch, and freebies. There will indeed be hot dogs. Livestream of the main event and all-access virtual experience for those who are unable to attend.Click here to register
React FinlandSeptember 12 - 16, 2022 /
Paasitorni, Helsinki.
The conference will take place at Paasitorni, a historic structure in Siltasaari, close to Helsinki's city center. They want to make the strongest possible connections between their conference attendees and their esteemed speakers and their local community. They also want to extend warm Finnish hospitality to them. By fusing their northern traditions with speakers and guests from all around the world, they aspire to produce something special.The conference's twenty speakers come from a variety of disciplines, and our speaker lineup features many of the top figures in the neighborhood. The single track format enables our visitors to maximize their enjoyment. We particularly want to establish the strongest possible connection between the speakers and the neighborhood. Three days of workshops precede the conference's main conference days, which include themes ranging from state management to developing ones.Click here to register
JSConf KoreaSeptember 16 - 17, 2022 /
Nodeul Island Forest Multi-Hall
A platform for people with various experiences to exchange personal narratives, JSConf Korea is a community conference that pushes the limits of what can be done using JavaScript. Their goal is to increase the humaneness, diversity, and audacity of the Korean technology community. Everybody is welcome at JSConf Korea, which aims to be an inclusive conference. Our accessibility guide will shortly be updated by them.Pushing the limits of what is supposed to be possible with JS and offering extraordinary human social activities that foster a sense of community and friendship-building will be their two main focuses. From there, locals from each region propel the conference to its own incredible level of excellence. That establishes the general tone for each of our events.Click here to register
React IndiaSeptember 22 - 24, 2022 /
Goa, India
This is a three-day chance to interact with, hear from, and network with React developers. You may meet some of the top talent in the world while learning more about React and related topics at this single-track event. This is your chance to tour Goa in addition to enjoying the event. For their remote day, there will be 3K+ React Developers from all around the world. Study some of the top front-end speakers available.Developers can share and debate their perspectives and experiences with React at the international conference React India! It gives Indian developers the chance to interact, learn from, and network with developers of the React framework and other contributors from across the world! The conference will take place this year from September 22 to September 24.Click here to register
React AlicanteSeptember 29 - October 1, 2022 /
Alicante, Spain
Join them at their global React and React Native conference in one of Europe's sunniest cities. There will be 33 international speakers during the conference. Learn from some of the top lecturers and front-end developers around. Do you wish to improve your abilities? This year, they are offering 8 workshops on various topics and skill levels. Become one of them and take advantage of a few days of education, networking, fun, and sunbathing.Make sure to attend React Alicante in September! Along with getting to experience the cuisine and beautiful weather of Spain's southeast coast, you will have the chance to advance your developer abilities and network with people from all around the world. You will have the opportunity to participate in two React and React Native introductory sessions on Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the conference will take held, featuring speeches from 21 outstanding speakers.Click here to register
NodeConf EUOctober 3 - 5, 2022 /
Kilkenny, Ireland
With justification, NodeConf EU has established itself as the premier Node.js event in Europe. It is their goal to present the highest caliber speakers, the most pertinent workshops, and to continue to offer a laid-back and welcoming environment for people to interact and exchange ideas as they commemorate NodeConf's tenth anniversary this year.You will hear from more than 30 speakers over the course of the three days, all of whom were carefully chosen for their contributions to and levels of innovation within the Node.js community. They conducted two incredibly successful virtual NodeConf events over the last two years in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. To acknowledge this, they will host 2022 as a hybrid event that will enable us to interact with our online audience as well.Click here to register
FrontmaniaOctober 5, 2022 /
Frontmania is a technology conference for frontend developers, engineers, and experts to talk about and delve deeply into all frontend-related technologies, including new & established frameworks (Vue, Angular, React), cool coding (JavaScript, CSS & HTML), Git, PWA, Micro frontends, and much more must-know and upcoming frontend technologies. Visitors to our site will find tried-and-true and fresh options for enhancing and hastening management, implementation, and development. The main objective of Frontmania is to disseminate all information, ideas, and know-how on the newest frontend advancements and technology.Frontend developers should attend FrontMania Conference 2022. Expect experienced speakers to cover the most current subjects. You will go deeply into the frontend world. acquiring practical knowledge that can be put to use the following day! Meet up with 600+ Frontmaniacs to have a great time and learn more at the same time. You will receive top-notch instruction from the best speakers from the Netherlands and abroad. Come together with people in person to share your expertise and enthusiasm for front-end development.Click here to register
Vuejs deOctober 5, 2022 /
Berlin, Germany
In Germany, the VueJS.DE Conference is a community-driven event. We offer a platform for these two frameworks since they share comparable ideals and a strong community focus. A JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces is called Vue. It provides a declarative and component-based programming approach that aids in the speedy development of user interfaces, whether they are basic or complicated, and built on top of industry-standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.The BOLLE FESTSLE location is adjacent to Bellevue Palace, Tiergarten, and the lovely Spree river. There are numerous one-day courses scheduled that are available apart from the main event.Click here to register
Armada JSOctober 6 - 7, 2022 /
Novi sad, Serbia
Serbia is hosting the biggest JavaScript conference, Armada JS. By bringing the community together and encouraging and learning from one another, we hope to strengthen JavaScript in the area. Meeting in person is the best way to foster collaboration. With more than 20 presenters, both domestic and foreign, the conference will cover a wide spectrum of JavaScript-related topics over the course of two days and two simultaneous tracks. The ArmadaJS event is expected to take place this year on October 6-7 in Novi Sad, Serbia. 400+ front-end, back-end, and full-stack engineers will be present at this event.Enjoy the conference when you aren't speaking! The entire conference, including all social events, activities, and conference-related events, will be open to you. Starting the day before the meeting, they will give you a hotel room close to the city center. You can do this so that you can settle down, rest up, and take part in the Speakers supper.Click here to register
NG-DEOctober 6 - 7, 2022 /
Berlin, Germany
The inaugural community-driven Angular conference in Germany is called NG-DE. In October 2022, it will take place in Berlin. The BOLLE FESTSLE location is adjacent to Bellevue Palace, Tiergarten, and the lovely Spree river. There are numerous one-day courses scheduled that are available apart from the main event.There is more to this conference than just mate and wifi. With excellent speakers and an inviting atmosphere, they organize an inclusive, open, and varied conference. Among the perks they wish to provide are childcare and barista coffee.Click here to register
Nordic.jsOctober 6 - 7, 2022 /
Nordic.js is a single-track conference featuring sessions from both well-known speakers from around the world and up-and-coming figures in the JavaScript scene. You'll hear about amusing experiments, discover the most recent JavaScript developments, and make connections with other ardent developers. Nordic.js is a single-track conference with 8–10 lectures per day from both established figures and up-and-coming presenters from around the world. Douglas Crockford, Alice Bartlett, Tom Dale, Soledad Penadés, Bert Belder, and Jake Archibald are just a few of the previous speakersIt's a fantastic opportunity for you and your team to establish new professional contacts and make new friends because a large number of developers, designers, and creatives will be travelling to Stockholm for the event. Structured and unstructured networking sessions will also be offered. Following the event, all attendees will have access to online videos of all sessions that include integrated slides and audio. Everyone in your office will benefit from this, ensuring that nothing is missed. The two scheduled lightning talk sessions are open to contributions from all conference participants.Click here to register
AngulardayOctober 7, 2022 /
The sixth iteration of the Italian Angular Conference, angularday 2022, is being held in lovely Verona and is being organized by GrUSP (Italy). All seminars during the international event will be conducted in English. The conference is hybrid in nature, allowing for both on-site attendance in Verona and online participation. The COVID-19 rules in effect at the time of the physical event, which may change by the time of the conference, will apply to access.To organize a ngGirls workshop, they are delighted! You will create and launch your first Angular Web Application throughout the class. They offer free or heavily discounted tickets to students or organizations that are underrepresented in the tech industry thanks to their scholarship program. Every day, they put in labor to ensure that as many people as possible can attend the conference. The accessibility for their online and in-person activities is indicated in schedule.Click here to register
Node-RED ConOctober 7, 2022 /
All Node-RED users are invited to the digital technology conference Node-RED Con 2022. There will be many incredible initiatives, including the newest case studies, untold tales, and technological news. The conference will be a free online event in October. The purpose is to strengthen the Node-RED community by encouraging user interaction, showcasing new technologies, and presenting use-cases in various industries. Whether or not you've utilized Node-RED, don't be hesitant to join them!Please join them, whether you've used Node-RED before or are just interested in getting started.
This conference will cover a wide range of topics, including Node-RED developers, use cases, development advice, and more. speakers who are pioneers in the use of Node-RED. Bringing the most recent activities, information, and technical workshops. There will be speakers and attendees from all over the world at this conference. Participants will include experts from diverse sectors. Be motivated to complete assignments for your work or hobbies. For the development of open source software, fostering relationships between developers is essential. Engage in conversation with other users and developers to gain insight.
Click here to register
SmashingConf New YorkOctober 10 - 13, 2022 /
New York
SmashingConf is a welcoming, all-inclusive conference that emphasizes problems and solutions that exist in the real world. One track, 14 presenters, 300–400 participants, two days, plus a ton of practical workshops.
Their speakers seldom ever use slides; instead, they demonstrate their setup, methods, and quick cuts for completing tasks during real-time interactive sessions. So anticipate live drawing, redesign, debugging, and everything in between. Although SmashingConf is front-end and UX-focused, it covers all things web, including interface design and machine learning.
They are giving their all to creating meaningful, caring, and valuable events that will help us all grow as professionals. Without filler, fluff, multi-track experience, or expansive hotel halls. Instead, carefully selected speakers, discussions, and practical workshops in a welcoming, motivating, and stimulating environment. You may anticipate 2 days, 1 track, and 300–500 participants. focus on the challenges & actual work Live seminars for designing and coding as well as practical, actionable ideas,Click here to register
React Brussels HybridOctober 14, 2022 /
Brussels, Belgium
You will receive the finest of the React ecosystem from them. There will be talks by renowned experts in their fields, young and experienced developers working on the next major React library, panel discussions on the latest JavaScript and React trends, and more. Simply said, they're going to turn Brussels into a React thing by showcasing the trendiest React and JavaScript-related products and technology.Their sponsors and business associates will conduct workshops on the various tools and technologies that make up the react Ecosystem. Meet with colleagues from all around the world at the BeJS Hub, which is located in the heart of Europe. This year's React Brussels conference is defined by hybrid. Your experience is what matters to them, whether it is on-site or online.Click here to register
React Advanced LondonOctober 21 - 24, 2022 /
The complexity of developing online and JavaScript apps increased significantly over the previous several years, along with the React ecosystem and community. It is highly advised that you embark on this trip with the assistance of others, therefore join the global network of subject matter experts and learn about the framework! All engineers are welcome, but be ready for the hardcore.Participate in 10+ Free & Pro seminars around the major event days to explore cutting-edge technology and best practices with our expert trainers. The format of the event will be hybrid this year, with the first day being televised from the London location and containing interactive entertainment and hybrid networking aspects, and the second day as well as the several free seminars being streamed to a global audience online.Click here to register
reactjsdayOctober 21, 2022 /
Verona, Italy
The 8th iteration of the GrUSP-organized Italian React.js conference will take place in stunning Verona in 2022 as reactjsday (Italy). The GrUSP community, which was established in 2003 as a PHP User Group, is now the Italian benchmark for best practices in all facets of web development. Since then, they have organized conferences focused on the community, always aiming to create chances for people to interact, exchange knowledge, and grow as a community.It's challenging to create effective React components that will allow the team to continuously develop trustworthy features while maintaining a high-quality codebase. You will learn about the fundamentals of sound architecture in this conference and how to apply them to a practical React use case. You will create a sandbox application and learn how to create quality React software throughout the course.Click here to register
NG PolandOctober 25, 2022 /
Warsaw and Online
Leading Angular specialists from around the world will be present at NG Poland, a full-day conference. You will interact with peers, eminent speakers, IT enthusiasts, published authors, and core committers of Open Source. Every year, they take great pleasure in hosting the top authorities in fields like Angular, TypeScript, RxJS, Redux, etc. You can learn new trends, gain useful advice, and broaden your expertise by attending their talks. The coming year seems to be very special.You will get a fantastic opportunity to interact with over 1000 like-minded people from around the world. The zeal you will get from taking part at ngPoland 2022 is the main advantage. Your professional career will undoubtedly advance thanks to your self-assurance, drive for growth, and positive outlook. Your understanding of IT will be forever altered by this incident. Your minds will be overflowing with fresh knowledge, you'll feel the energy of those who share your interest, and most importantly, our MCs will make sure that you have an unforgettable time!Click here to register
Jamstack ConfNovember 7 - 8, 2022 /
San Francisco and Online
Engineers, technology executives, and digital agencies who are adopting the newest iteration of contemporary web development architecture are the target audience for Jamstack Conf. To make the conference as inclusive as possible, they will do everything in their power to provide. from baby-changing and nursing areas to live captioning. from kid care to dog petting support. They will, of course, go above and beyond the state requirements for COVID safety.Watch lectures from those who are developing the tools that make up the contemporary web as well as from those who are using them. As we bring this vibrant group together to share experiences and form new connections, connect both in person and electronically. Attending one of the in-person courses led by subject-matter experts can help you advance your abilities.Click here to register
Conf42 JavaScriptNovember 17, 2022 /
The creation of a blockchain is excessively difficult, costly, fragmented, and exclusive. They're proposing a method for JavaScript programmers to create decentralized applications on any blockchain using the language's well-known syntax. In comparison to how Solidity and TEA are now used, it is quicker, cheaper, and more secure. It works with frontend programming languages like React, Vue, and Go.Are you a JavaScript fan? Have you developed a fresh framework or library? Do you want to demonstrate your Windows 98 emulator running in Chrome? Or did you finally get that old game to work in your browser? THE CONFERENCE IS FOR YOU! Attend the Conf42.com online conference with them: All about JavaScript and the incredible things you can do with it!Click here to register
RVA JavaScript ConfNovember 17, 2022 /
Prepare to sharpen your abilities as we discuss everything JavaScript, including TypeScript, Node.js, and React. Join rvatech/ for the fourth annual RVA JavaScript Conference held at the Science Museum of Virginia. RVAJS is a one-day conference devoted to all things JavaScript. The conference has been a fantastic event every year, and we anticipate that this year will be even better!The 2022 RVAJS Conference offers a variety of sessions that give JavaScript developers and the fantastic and thriving RVA developer community the chance to participate, interact, and advance their skills together. They have a broad range of interests within the JavaScript ecosystem. Several hundred JavaScript developers will be in the audience, gathering to exchange ideas and advance their knowledge.Click here to register
vuedayNovember 18, 2022 /
Verona, Italy
The primary conference in Italy exclusively focused on Vue and its ecosystem is called vueday. The conference is being held for the fourth time. A modern framework for creating user interfaces is called Vue. Vue is built from the ground up to be adopted gradually. The core library is straightforward to use and connect with other libraries and current projects because it only focuses on the view layer.It is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to make Italy's online development ecosystem more wholesome and long-lasting. They plan cheap, top-notch developer events and seminars, encourage the formation of regional user groups (PUG), and support those organizations in their endeavors. Their initiative has always been driven by diversity and inclusiveness. They offer a scholarship program for each of their conferences, and they have been following a code of conduct for many years.Click here to register
VueJs AmsterdamJune 2 - 3, 2022 /
The most important Vue Community Event & Event of the year is Vuejs Amsterdam. Since the beginning of Vuejs Amsterdam in 2018, the event has been sold out and opened by Evan You, the man behind Vue. The State of Vuenion 2022 was broadcast live from Singapore into Theater Amsterdam in 2022. They will premiere The State of The Universe 2022 especially for you on our Youtube Channel on Friday, June 10, at 4 PM CEST.The World's Biggest and Most Special Vue.js Conference was held at the Amazing Theater Amsterdam on June 1-2 for another sold-out edition. Get the chance to interact with 20+ Vue.js Core Members & Experts. Over 2 Full Days of Talks, there will also be Daily 1000+ Attendees, a Global Audience from 20+ Countries.Click here to register
JSWorld Conference November 11, 2022 /
San Francisco
JSWORLD Symposium The capital of American technology is welcoming the USA. They are dedicated to bridging the gap between Global Javascript Leaders globally, and San Francisco's cutting-edge tech industry has long served as an inspiration to them. By providing you with an informative and entertaining premier Javascript conference, they aim to give back.You will level up as a developer with 15 in-person sessions from experts, and the day will culminate with team-building activities and networking at the networking mixer. Along with their pledge to inform the JavaScript community, they will also offer a free live stream with 40 pieces of original Javascript content contributed by a community that is eager to exchange knowledge. Join them for a day of conference fun to learn, share, and be a part of our community. Don't miss out.Click here to register
ReactathonMay 2 - 5, 2022 /
San Francisco
To help you locate the people and things that are most meaningful to you, Reactathon facilitates talks about the newest topics, technologies, and skill levels. Reactathon provides something for everyone, whether you are a novice engineer hoping to learn from experienced engineers & thought-leaders, a director of engineering looking to push the limits of your own team, or just someone who enjoys the energy & network effect of live events.They select lectures for a single track that will not only help you learn from some of the top minds and presenters in web development, but will also encourage more interaction with your frontend and full stack colleagues. These insights and encounters will directly affect not just you and your business, but also your mood and general enjoyment long after the conference has ended. Over refreshments, mingle with other engineers, lecturers, workshop instructors, and sponsors. Gain knowledge from casual chat or at the topic tables, then hear the introductory keynote.Click here to register
CityJsMarch 23 - 25, 2022 /
A JavaScript conference organized by the community for the community is called CityJS Conference. It began in 2018 as a result of the popularity of a monthly meetup hosted by the London JS Community, JS Monthly, Halfstack, and Node User Group, four different Javascript groups in London. The ideal conference for JavaScript developers, engineers, software architects, and other tech professionals who want to stay current with the market, learn new information, and stay informed about the most recent trends in JS.Attend motivational lectures and cutting-edge seminars on topics like Javascript, React, Node.js, TypeScript, and more. The CityJS World Series is an occasion that will take place throughout the year 2022. This is a great chance for meetups that host eminent speakers from around the globe to congregate and impart their combined wisdom on contemporary JavaScript development.Click here to register
OpenJs WorldJune 6 - 10, 2022 /
Austin, Texas
The annual JavaScript and web ecosystem conference hosted by the OpenJS Foundation brings together Node.js, Electron, AMP, Appium, web pack, and other technologies. Learn from and interact with executives who are delivering cutting-edge apps widely. The program will offer material that appeals to a variety of JavaScript ecosystem participants, including those involved in development, performance, testing, automation, CI/CD, security, and community building.The annual gathering of the OpenJS Foundation is the one JavaScript conference you won't want to miss. Its agenda is jam-packed with keynotes, breakout sessions, and interactive training workshops from community and industry leaders. Their event focused on testing and security as well as open visualization in light of the news that the Urban Computing Foundation (UCF) is joining forces with OpenJS. It also covered a staggeringly broad range of technical and community topics.Click here to register
NG-CONFAugust 31 - September 2, 2022 /
Salt Lake City, USA
Become a part of them for this 3-day Angular immersion. You'll interact with Angular Team members, gain personal knowledge of cutting-edge innovations, and meet a wide range of fascinating individuals who are familiar with your syntax. Have you done this before? That's fantastic! You can be nervous as a newcomer about crowds or being among lots of unfamiliar people. However, you need not worry. Developers from many fields and backgrounds are welcome in the environment that the it team has built.Your team's scattered members can come together and get engaged again at ng-conf. Starting with our 10-ticket bundle, we give lower block pricing and optional conference rooms for your own internal break-out sessions. Salt Lake City is well-known all throughout the world! You can discover anything within a few minutes of the conference center, whether you're searching for an uptown bar crawl or to get away from the city and take in the natural beauty of the National Parks.Click here to register
ReactNextJune 27, 2023 /
Tel Aviv, Israel
It was a blast at ReactNext22! With the wonderful speakers and events at their sponsor booths, over 950 people had a terrific day. The conference in 2023 will feature more than 1000 developers from top businesses, making it larger than ever. The demand for tickets is already high. I'll see everyone there. Tickets should be purchased in advance because last year they sold out three weeks before the conference.ReactNext has been the biggest and most distinguished conference for the React framework in Israel since 2016. Over 1,000 developers from Israel and around the world attend the all-technical conference to hear from eminent local and international speakers. For experienced engineers, team captains, and consultants, the conference includes advanced topics. And a fantastic chance for product managers and R&D to assess the financial benefits of React.Click here to register
JSConf BudapestJune 2 - 3, 2022 /
Budapest, Hungary
They want to serve as the JSConf for the Eastern-Middle European region, which has a wide variety of cultures, people, and viewpoints. This is a conference for the JavaScript community that is entirely nonprofit, open-sourced, and community-driven, with the aim of fostering and educating about new technologies, ideas, and culturesCreate your own synthetic monitoring test suite, learn to foresee user behaviour in both the expected and unexpected ways, and develop automated testing solutions. You shouldn't be concerned about areas like AI and IoT! In this lesson, we'll learn how to use face recognition to persuade drones to follow us around.Click here to register
Frontend LoveJune 1 - 3, 2022 /
On June 1-3, 2022, JSWORLD-Frontend Love Conference will once again welcome you to its live events at what speakers have dubbed "the greatest venue in the world," the Enthrall Theater Amsterdam. Don't let your opportunity pass you by! Go here to learn more. You can choose between live or in-person attendance at the conference. You decide what is more practical for you, and we carry it out.The largest JavaScript conference in the world is the three-day in-person JSWORLD-Frontend Love Conference. To discuss the newest and best in JavaScript, we are bringing you up to 40+ JavaScript experts. This conference is essential for JavaScript developers looking to advance their careers. It will cover topics like future-proof technologies, the newest web technologies, how to measure and optimize your JavaScript code, how to craft a better web experience, how to advance the component mindset, what tools you need as a developer to create better systems, and much more.Click here to register
JSHeroesMay 18 - 18, 2023 /
JSHeroes 2022 is a single-track, one-day conference that will cover a wide range of subjects related to JavaScript and the Web ecosystems. Every year, they intend to bring a wide group of speakers to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the stunning capital of Transylvania. They had a great time in 2022, and we were thrilled to finally meet you all in person after a three-year absence. Based on this experience, they will return in 2023 with a two-day event, which was their preferred format in the pre-pandemic era.They make an effort to create a diversified agenda that can be interesting to the majority of attendees that are interested in the state of the JavaScript industry today. Although they don't want to restrict your viewpoints, they did include a few general subjects in the CFP form that your proposal might fall under. Instead of seeing them as limitations, classify and organize all of the proposals we receive using them as a guide.Click here to register
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Every JavaScript programmer should attend these conferences to develop their skills. No matter how fluent you are in the language, you will gain a lot from attending these seminars. You get the exposure that will help you achieve your job goals and keep up with emerging technological developments.

There are many more conferences in the JavaScript community; some focus on specific frameworks, while others are more general. It would be challenging to check them all out, so we advise concentrating on the one you find most intriguing and thinking about participating in it.

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We hope you find our article about the best JavaScript conferences in 2023 informative. If you have any questions please ask in the comment box below.

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