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Passion Conference 2024 LineUP, Tickets, Dates

The Passion Conference began in 1995 to encourage students from campuses near and far to give God the glory He is due. Isaiah 26:8 serves as the foundation of this movement, unifying young people through worship, prayer and justice in order to experience spiritual awakening.

The purpose remains unchanged: to raise up this generation, helping them stand firm in their faith and by extension, see the climate of belief alter on a global level. Everything we do is for the sake of elevating Jesus’ name and honoring His renown. We are confident that God will use these students to make a difference. ​

Passion Conference 2024

For over two decades, Passion Conference has been blessed with the opportunity of impacting millions of 18-25 year olds. This growing collective is uniting and radiating a message of hope and inspiration to the world, all thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit. The voices of this generation are getting increasingly louder.

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Where will Passion 2024 be?

Passion Conference 2024 will be held in Atlanta, GA, MERCEDES-BENZ STADIUM, on January 3-5, 2024. We can’t wait to gather a generation together to Call on Heaven.

Who is going to Passion 2024?

Anyone who is 18-25 years old can attend Passion 2024 Conference. It is for the collegiate generation and is open to anyone. Even High school students who not 18 years old can attend along with adult ministry leaders.

PASSION Conference 2024 Cost

Passion Conference 2024 ticket price is $119, which is same for for high school seniors, 18-25 year-olds. You can register here.

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There is an age limit of 18-25 year-olds to attend Passion Conference. It was set in first gathering in 1997.

Where was Passion 2023?

Passion Conference 2023 wa hosted in State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA, on January 3-5, 2023.

Who founded Passion Conferences

Louie and Shelley founded Passion Conferences in 1997, aiming to bring together college-aged individuals across the globe. Ten years later, feeling God’s message to expand the mission of Passion to a local church setting, they planted Passion City in Atlanta. Louie and Shelley are passionate about showing people around us as well as throughout the world the grace that comes from trusting in Jesus. Therefore, their leadership at Passion City Church always puts the name of Jesus first and foremost in everything we do.

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Passion Conference 2023 Lineup

  • Shine Like Stars (Live From Passion 2022) Passion / Kristian Stanfill / Brett Younker / Cody Carnes / Kari Jobe. Keys: A. …
  • Gratitude. Brandon Lake. …
  • In The House. Crowder. …
  • RATTLE! Brandon Lake / Tasha Cobbs Leonard. …
  • Let The Light In (Live) Kari Jobe. …
  • The Dove. The Belonging Co / Kari Jobe.

Passion Conference 2024 Lineup is yet to be announced. We will update this as it is released.

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