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Best Conferences For Women to Attend in 2023

Women now manage businesses, lead governments, and contribute significantly to our world. Despite this, many female professionals find themselves in the minority at the table. Because most women do not have many opportunities to speak up due to inequity, a women’s summit is a fantastic opportunity to provide those who would otherwise go unheard a voice.

There are a lot of conferences geared specifically for women, whether you currently have a strong network of female colleagues in your sector or want to extend your network. A spate of conferences has popped up in recent years to help women build networks, share experiences, and learn more effectively.

The major goal of the women’s conference is to provide a forum for women to discuss difficulties that they are facing and to come up with concrete solutions to those challenges.

These events include a wide range of businesses, from banking to journalism to technology; the aims of these gatherings frequently extend beyond industry borders. Here are the Best Conferences for women that you should consider attending in 2023:

Best Conferences For Women to Attend

What is a Women’s Summit?

A women’s summit is an event that brings influential women from different leading industries like Finance, Entertainment, and Technology together. Such a Platform gives all the ladies a chance to celebrate their glory and motivate others on their way to the same destination.

They discuss their issues, concerns, experiences, and strategies to overcome their carrier or personal life difficulties.

The purpose of women’s conferences is to keep women at the forefront. These conferences are the epitome of women fighting against the odds in the male-dominated society and creating a perfect example for the upcoming generation.

These conferences acknowledge some brightest minds and invite them as speakers, and they share their minds with other women.

Best Conferences for Women to attend in 2023

Here are the Best Conferences for women that you should consider attending:

ConferencesDate and VenueAboutWhy should you attend?Register/Tickets
NAFE Top Companies for Executive WomenMay 22 – 25, 2022,
The Roosevelt New Orleans, New Orleans, USA
NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women is a membership program for women-led businesses and charity organizations. The NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women list honors businesses and non-profits that have promoted women to executive roles.The company’s organizational structure, retention rates, succession plans, and recruitment activities are all included in the analysis. More than 500 speakers from around the world will speak at the conference, which is available to corporations and charity organizations.Click here to register.
Catalyst ConferenceMay 16-17, 2022,
Tokyo, Japan
Catalyst Conference is a voluntary educational and advising group that focuses on women in business that hosts an annual conference. Over 5,000 people have attended the Catalyst Conference, which has been held in cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta.The conference brings together thought leaders and trailblazers from all around the world to share their perspectives and help influence the conversation on female leaders. It honored those who were honored at the Catalyst Awards Dinner for demonstrating achievement in their fields and leadership and service to women in business.Click here to register.
Financial Women’s Association International Business ConferenceApril 2022(TBD),
The Netherlands
The International Business Conference of the Financial Women’s Association is a gathering of women in the financial industry. The most recent financial trends are at the heart of their aim to help women succeed in their personal and professional lives.The conference will feature a range of panels and speakers, including women in leadership and women at the cutting edge of innovation. Take away new ideas and perspectives that you may apply to your job or business.Click here to register.
WIN SummitJune 1, 2022,
The New York Athletic Club, 180 Central Park S, New York City and Virtual Event
The WIN Summit (Women’s International Networking Summit) is a three-day event that brings together over 400 professional women worldwide to learn, participate, and enhance their negotiation abilities. The Columbia Women’s Leadership Center and the Columbia Business School Center for the Advancement of Women together to bring you the WIN Summit.The summit aims to help participants improve their negotiating skills and develop into confident, strategic leaders who make a difference in their workplaces and communities.Click here to register.
Working Mother: Men as AlliesTo Be Determined.
Stay tuned for updates.
Since 1978, the Working Mother Research Institute has strongly advocated for working families. Every year, we honor the accomplishments of working mothers, fathers, and activists who have made a positive difference in the lives of women and families by implementing innovative workplace activities.For men, the campaign includes events, tools, tips, and action opportunities, as well as the chance to sign the Working Mother Pledge to become a better ally.Click here to register.
DiversityInc May 3, 2022,
Cipriani’s, New York
The diversity business award initiative DiversityInc’s Top 50 Firms for Diversity honors companies that have exhibited a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality in the workplace.The Top 50 Companies for Diversity winners are recognized for their positive influence on the workplace, dedication to diversity, and capacity to establish a culturally diverse and inclusive workforce, according to DiversityInc.Click here to register.
Ellevate Network: Mobilizing the Power of WomenJune 8, 2022,
New York City
Ellevate Network is a global community of over 25,000 women who connect and inspire one another in the workplace to achieve leadership greatness. Ellevate Network is a platform for women to cooperate, share, and learn from one another, resulting in a dynamic and supportive community that women can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.This full-day conference will bring together some of the most brilliant minds in business and diversity for inspiring talks that will lead to clear takeaways on how you may advance your own professional development, help your fellow women, and open new opportunities for women in business.Click here to register.
NAFE Women’s Leadership SummitMay 24-25, 2022,
The National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) is a global charity that provides professional development, networking, and mentoring opportunities for women in business.The industry’s most potent and comprehensive venue for women to develop, communicate, and promote their ideas and the firms they represent is NAFE’s hallmark Women’s Leadership Summit. The Women’s Leadership Summit brought together an incredible group of female executives and thought leaders ready to share their expertise and experiences with you.Click here to register.
Forbes Women’s SummitJune 15, 2022,
New York City, New York
The Forbes Women’s Summit is a two-day gathering of 300 intergenerational innovators, entrepreneurs, and influencers for a vibrant conversation on today’s most important issues.Provocative content, impactful keynotes and panel discussions, case studies, and immersive experiences will be included at the summit, allowing attendees to learn, network, and share ideas with peers, professionals, and thought leaders from all around the world.Click here to register.
Network of Executive Women Leadership SummitApril 28, 2022,
Sheraton Flowood: The Refuge Hotel and Conference Center in Flowood, Mississippi
The Leadership Summit of the Network of Executive Women (NEW) is the Twin Cities’ most significant annual gathering of senior female executives. NEW Leadership Summit has drawn top female leaders from industry, education, health care, and non-profit organizations seeking professional development, networking, and career possibilities for the past 19 years.NEW Leadership Summit is meant to provide attendees with career progression techniques, and knowledge on current trends and best practices in the disciplines of leadership, management, and communication, with a focus on elevating women to the C-suite. The conference attracts over 600 people each year and is completely sold out.Click here to register.
Texas Conference for WomenTo Be Determined.
Stay tuned for further updates.
The TCfW is the most important professional development event for women each year. The Texas Conference for Women is an event you can’t miss if you’re a seasoned executive, a student, or just someone trying to improve your leadership skills.The Texas Conference for Women is a gathering of women for women, organized by women. To provide learning, networking, and sharing opportunities for women. The conference aims to honor women’s achievements while also encouraging more women to take on leadership roles in their communities.Click here to register.
Pennsylvania Conference for WomenNovember 10, 2022,
Virtual Event
The Pennsylvania Conference for Women is a one-day professional and personal development event featuring dozens of notable speakers. It is a non-profit, non-partisan event. The Pennsylvania Conference for Women was founded to assist women in overcoming their concerns and gaining confidence in their future.The event encourages women to work on their professional and personal objectives while also assisting one another. The event is participatory, featuring a variety of fascinating seminars and motivational speakers. Attending the conference isn’t just about learning; it’s also about being inspired to act.Click here to register.
Grace HopperSeptember 20 – 23,2022,
Virtual event and in person, Orlando, Florida
Grace Hopper is an annual conference that honors women who have made significant contributions to technology. The first Grace Hopper Celebration took place in 1994 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.Over 10,000 people from different disciplines and professional levels attend the conference, which offers plenty of networking and knowledge gathering opportunities. The Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology is hosting the event.Click here to register.
Women in ConstructionOctober 28, 2022,
Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001
Women in construction is a highly competitive initiative that encourages women to pursue construction-related occupations. A full day of panel discussions, lectures, and interactive breakout activities covering significant industry problems are included in the curriculum.Women leaders in the construction sector, lecturers from academia, industry, and government, and women actively pursuing careers in construction at various academic levels are all featured in the program.Click here to register.
INC. Women’s SummitTo Be determined.
Stay tuned for further updates.
The INC. Women’s Summit is a prominent yearly event that brings together leading female entrepreneurs and top professionals to share their secrets and insights on starting and running a successful business.The event is a first of its kind, bringing together some of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs to share their secrets and insights on starting and growing a successful company.Click here to register.
Bullish ConferenceApril 9, 2022,
Virginia Beach, Virginia
The bullish conference is a women-only career technology conference. Their mission is to empower women by advancing their careers. The bullish conference is a women-only career technology conference.Panels and speakers from all throughout the tech world were added to the conference. They cover a wide range of career-related subjects, with a particular emphasis on the requirements of women in the workplace and how to overcome the challenges that women experience in the technology business.Click here to register.
Working Mother Leadership Summit for Women in National Security CareersMay 16 – 20, 2022,
Sydney, AU
The Working Mother Leadership Summit for Women in National Security Careers is a conference aimed at assisting national security professionals in achieving their career objectives, finding inspiration, and networking with others in their area.This full day of motivational speakers, self-reflection, group discussions, and action planning is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for women working in national security.Click here to register.
Women EmpowerXMarch 11, 2022,
Virtual Event
The WE Conference is an annual gathering of women who come together to celebrate their accomplishments as leaders, inspire other women to discover and embrace their inner leaders, and assist women in trades careers in learning and growing.Women EmpowerX is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together women in various careers to celebrate their achievements as leaders, inspire other aspiring women to discover and accept their inner leaders, and foster a network of support and mentorship.Click here to register.
National Women’s Business ConferenceSeptember 21, 2022,
Austin, Texas
The National Women’s Business Conference (NWBC) is a two-day event that brings together successful female entrepreneurs, women-owned businesses, mentors, and investors to assist women in growing their enterprises.The event’s goal is to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources they need to develop successful businesses. The National Women’s Business Conference is the largest and longest-running event for female entrepreneurs in the United States.Click here to register.
FearlessConTo Be Determined. Stay tuned for further updates.FearlessCon is a one-day conference for female entrepreneurs who want to network and learn from other female entrepreneurs.The purpose of this one-day event is to give you the tools and resources you need to succeed and grow. FearlessCon is unlike any other conference since it focuses on personal development, networking, and inspiration. Come network with Dallas women business entrepreneurs, hear about the Fearless Women’s Network, and be inspired at FearlessCon.Click here to register.
CWE Women Business Leaders Conference (WBLC)October 13, 2022,
Virtual Event
The CWE Women Business Executives Conference (WBLC) brings together, engages, and nurtures a global network of female business leaders. It is the most important event for businesswomen.This two-day event will feature motivational keynote speakers, discussions, and workshops on a variety of issues relevant to women in business.Click here to register.
Financial Women’s Association International Business ConferenceApril 2022(TBD),
The Netherlands
The Financial Women’s Association International Business Conference (FWABIC) is a conference that brings around each other industry experts, politicians and finance associates, and women from a variety of backgrounds and sectors to share their experience and expertise, gain insights from like-minded peers, and shape the industry in terms future through constructive debate, partnership, and active engagement.You will hear not just the latest industry news but also from women who are leading the way in the industry and setting the path for the next generation of women to enter the financial world, through debate.Click here to register.
Create and Cultivate ConferenceFebruary 22, 2022,
Los Angeles
For women who want to take their business to the next level, the conference’s objective focuses on the creative spirit and creating a personal brand. They bring together women who are similar to you to discuss their triumphs, setbacks, and lessons learned along the way.This is a conference where you will be motivated to take action by being inspired, challenged, and supported. You’ll gain practical tools and access to a supportive community to help you take action and realize your full potential.Click here to register.
TogetherDigital ConferenceMay 13, 2022,
Virtual Event
Together Digital is a network of digital women who come together to help one another advance in their jobs and to encourage the advancement of women in the field. They are pleased to have built the internet industry’s largest, most varied, most influential network of women.Together Digital is a national organization that hosts two conferences and three summits. They’re a place where new and seasoned professionals may get together to learn, share, and grow. It’s a chance to meet new people, learn new skills, and develop partnerships that will help you advance to the next level.Click here to register.
Alt SummitMarch 28- April 1, 2022,
 Paris, France
Alt Summit is a conference organized by the team behind Alt. This massively successful event business brings together the most powerful women in business media, entrepreneurship, finance, and technology every year.It brings together the most powerful women in business media, entrepreneurship, finance, and technology for a weekend of inspiration and education for women seeking new sectors and jobs in creative fields.Click here to register.
Expired, stay tuned for updates.
Grace Hopper CelebrationSeptember 20 – 23,2022, ORLANDO, FL / VIRTUAL + IN-PERSONThe Grace Hopper Celebration, or GHC, is one of the world’s largest yearly gatherings for women in technology. Every year, the event takes place in a different city and brings together thousands of women working in computer science, technology, and industry worldwide. AnitaB.org, a non-profit organization, is hosting the event.The event was developed to bring together women in the technology industry, give them career development opportunities, and encourage the next generation of female IT leaders.Click here to register.
She LeadsJanuary 2022,
Oslo, Norway
SHE Leads a leadership development, mentorship, and networking program for female executives who are driven and ready to move up the corporate ladder. The initiative, which was conceived and developed by Ana Brnabi, Serbia’s Minister of Finance, aims to boost women’s positions in the workplace and develop their leadership skills through mentoring and networking activities.The goal of the program is to empower and develop women by providing them with the guidance and coaching they need to advance their careers. It’s a project of the SHE Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps women reach their full potential.Click here to register.
Expired, stay tuned for updates.
Women’s Business Center Leadership ConferenceSeptember 19 – 21, 2022
San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Association of Women’s Business Centers hosts the Women’s Business Center Leadership Conference every year (AWBC). The conference will bring together executives from women’s business centers and technical assistance providers from across the country to discuss how to make women-owned enterprises more sustainable.The Women’s Business Center Leadership Conference is designed to provide a venue for the growth of business leadership potential among WBC directors and managers at all levels and encourage effective leadership throughout the WBC network.Click here to register.

What happens at a Women’s Conference?

Women conferences are held to bring to light important issues related to women’s integrity, equality, and rights.

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They discuss threatening issues and celebrate women’s achievements and encourage empowerment. Usually, what happens in a women’s conference is that :

  1. Brings Women Together: All women conferences invite women from different parts of the world, with different cultures, traditions, different achievements and qualifications. These women come together and share a common forum and express their views over critical matters and propose different ideas which is an efficient method of commonly working towards a goal. 
  2. Awareness and Education: Women conferences provide women excellent forums to understand what’s going on around the world. It creates awareness about different issues being faced by women globally as well as learning from the achievements of one another. 
  3. Gain an Insight: Learning from other accomplished and successful women and their stories around the world gives you an insight of the real pictures and makes you see and think outside your box. 
  4. Come Up With A Goal: Women conferences usually come up with different ideas that can be used to make the world a better place for women. Different ideas and solutions are proposed and important ones are selected out to be the goal for creating awareness or a change in the upcoming days. 
  5. Achieve and Celebrate: Not all conferences are held to set a goal. Some review previously set goals or even celebrate goals that have been achieved and any important landmark achieved by women around the world. 
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Women conferences are platforms for diverse women to come together, express their views, learn from one another, and help each other and all women worldwide grow. 

Who was the Pioneer of Women’s Conferences?

The pioneer of women’s conferences was Margaret Elizabeth Cousins, an Indian-Irish educationalist. They founded the All India Women’s Conference in 1927 to improve women and children’s educational and human rights status in India. 

How do I plan a Women’s Empowerment Event?

To organize a successful event, planning is essential. For planning any women empowerment event, the following steps must be followed:

  • Select Your Audience: To plan any event you need to first determine your target audience. This is an important step as it determines who will be invited to your event and will it be fruitful for them. 
  • Select Your Topic Of Discussion: One of the most important aspects of organising an event is chalking out your topic of discussion. Women empowerment is a large field of concern and includes various issues that need to be spoken about and solved. Carefully choosing a topic that is relevant is important.
  • Find a Purpose: Any event is organised with a purpose in mind. Finding a solution for your topic of discussion is the main reason why the event is organised in the first place. The purpose can be simple like raising awareness or finding solutions to some issue in hand. 
  • Make a Budget: To organise an event a budget for the expenditure must be set beforehand and likewise tickets, sponsorships, or similar arrangements must be made to bear the expense of raising such an event. 
  • Deliver the Event: Successful organisation of an event includes well timed and well rehearsed content. Usually such events include important speeches, presentations, cultural meetings and even breaks and snack times. 
  • End With A Message: Any event as important as a women’s empowerment event is          organised for creating an impact in the society and the goal of such event ultimately remains to make sure that the audiences understand and propagate your message for a better society. 
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Every part of the event must be well managed so that the audience enjoys the event, giving them a better chance to carry your message forward. 

You may include planners to manage the events, caterers to manage the food, or even arrange gifts and memorandums for your guest speakers and participants. 

Tip: Custom lanyards are a key item at any conference. They are easily customized in different materials,
colors, and designs. Conference logos, messages, or other identifications details can be printed on the lanyards
which make them perfect items to promote the conference. These hand-free custom lanyards will also bring convenience for your guest speakers and participants since they are perfect for holding cards, keys, or even phones.

Who was the First President of the All India Women’s Conference?

The first All India Women’s Conference was held in 1927 under the presidential ship of Maharani Chinmabai Gaekwad, the wife of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad of Baroda. Maharani Chimnabai has worked for women’s rights in India, including the educational rights of the girl children, abolishing the purdah system, and eradicating child marriage in India.

When was the First World Women’s Conference held?

The World Women’s Conference organized by the United Nations held its first conference on March 8, 1975, in Mexico City, the same year celebrated as the International Women’s Year.


Women’s conferences provide a fantastic opportunity for all women to come together and share their ideas, learn from one another, and help one other improve. These conferences also give attendees the chance to learn more about particular topics, such as leadership, money, business, health, education, or any other issue that affects women worldwide.

There are a lot of conferences out there these days, and we want to assist women to take advantage of them and get the most out of their time and money. I hope you enjoyed my article; take advantage of these conferences, choose the most refined event that best represents your objectives, and get started.

Good Luck!!!

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