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Best Nonprofit Conferences to Attend in 2023

The year 2023 is filled with many Nonprofit conferences. These conferences are available for different fields and cause like marketing, technology, leadership, etc. Attending these conferences can help you in developing your Nonprofit skills. While doing so, you can also discover how nonprofit leaders all over the world are innovating and modernizing their organizations.

For nonprofit professionals, conferences offer a crucial learning opportunity where they may collaborate with others and develop their creative ideas.

In this article, we have provided you with the best Nonprofit conferences that you can attend in 2023.

Best Overall Nonprofit Conferences

These are the conferences you can’t miss.

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NameDate & venueAboutWhy should you attend Register
The Collaborative conferencesJune 15 to 16 / Philadelphia, PA & Virtual The Collaborative is a two days conference. It revolves around fundraising and technology. Various experts and speakers will provide engaging sessions in which you can learn about latest technology. Networking opportunities and workshops will also be provided to help you in empowering your organization.If you want to grow your organization and raise money then you should definitely attend this session. The industry experts and Nonprofit leaders will provide you strategies and business insights through detailed sessions so that you can grow your organization. Moreover you will get the opportunity to interact with professionals and gain experience. Click here to register
Virtuous Responsive Nonprofit SummitApril 20 to 21, 2022 /
The Responsive Nonprofit Summit will bring together 2000+ leaders this year. It will be a two days virtual session. You will get to experience live discussions with Nonprofit leaders and experts. They will provide you high level insight in the latest fundraising and nonprofit marketing trends. Helpful workshops, fresh insights and genuine conversations will be the highlight of these session.Participants in the summit will hear from various leaders and representatives from the nonprofit sector. You can take part in interactive workshops during breakout sessions, and create long-lasting relationships with peers who share their interests. The Sessions will also cover real-world case studies, the most recent research, and effective fundraising techniques which will help nonprofits to grow. click here to register

Non-Profit Marketing Conferences

NameDate & venueAboutwhy should you attend Register
2022 Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising ConferenceJuly 27 to 29, 2022/ National Harbor, MD The 17th Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference will be held between July 27 to 29 at Gaylord national Hotel & Convention centre.You will have the opportunity to work with nonprofit workers, consultants, agencies, and other marketing specialists to develop creative strategies for amplifying your voice and making a difference in the world. The sessions will provide you information about the fundraising and its impact on overall revenue. More than 60 sessions will be conducted by Nonprofit professionals who will provide you networking opportunities, techniques and strategies to grow your organization. Click here to register
The Nonprofit Innovation and Optimization SummitSeptember 20 to 22, 2022 / Kansas city, MO The 7th annual Nonprofit Innovation and Optimization Summit will be held between September 20 to 22. It will be based on online fundraising and Digital marketing.To achieve actual and measurable online fundraising growth, various top level professionals will be available. Training sessions will be provided by these professionals as a part of the conference. For nonprofit marketers and fundraisers who are aiming to expand their online fundraising, the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is the leading event.You will gain new insights and ideas from a community of nonprofit marketers and fundraisersclick here to register

Nonprofit Technology Conferences

NameDate & Venue AboutWhy should you attend Register
Good Tech Fest 2022May 10 to 11,2022 / Virtual Good Tech Fest is a conference on how to use technology to the fullest extent possible.This conference is meant to serve as a reminder that the potential is endless, from data science to mobile applications. Sessions will be provided by data science and technology professionals This conference and community are for you if you want to utilise data and technology to change the world. All the attendees will have access to a worldwide community and will be able to view all sessions online. Utilize this chance to learn more about data science and to get the abilities required to perform at the best level. Click here to register
Nonprofit Summit 2022May 17 to 18, 2022 / Virtual The virtual Nonprofit Summit 2022 will be joined by more than 20,000 nonprofit professionals. With speakers and leaders from all over the world, this conference will include 52 high-impact sessionsAttending this free, three-day, the high-impact virtual event will teach you the newest and most efficient digital tactics you can use right away to pave the way for future exponential growth. You will also get the opportunity to collaborate with experts. click here to register
NTEN Nonprofit Technology ConferenceMarch 23 to 25, 2022 / Virtual NTEN organizes the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference to educate nonprofit workers about the advantages of technology, innovation, and forward-thinking. Every detail is prepared in conjunction with their community with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and accessibility. More than 150 sessions will be coveredYou can connect with the speakers and share your stories through community conversation. Breakout opportunities will also be provided which will help you in gaining more knowledge about your work and organizationclick here to register

Nonprofit leadership conference

NameDate & Venue AboutWhy should you attend Register
Engage for Good 2022 May 17 to 19, 2022 / Atlanta, GA This conference will include Targeted sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities that will help you in connecting with professionals from different fields. Access to critical data will also be provided This three-day conference will help you reach your full potential in the field of social impact with information for your coworkers in marketing, program design, and even human resourcesclick here to register
Nonprofit Alliance 2022 Leadership SummitMarch 30 to April 1, 2022 / Washington, DC This conference will include insights from various leaders who will provide you with detailed discussions on leadership and ways to empower your group and organization. A pre-summit day will also be given to the participantsAttend the Nonprofit Alliance 2022 Leadership Summit with other leaders in the nonprofit sector to gain insight into how to navigate the world’s changing business and service models and harness the power of transformation to increase your impact. click here to register
Upswell Summit 2022November 15, 2022 / Virtual Through a combination of Main Stages, seminars, and small-group networking activities, this conference will bring together thought leaders, motivated innovators, and powerful creators at the Virtual Upswell Summit, a one-day gathering. The main purpose of this conference will be to create a racially and healthy societyThis conference will provide you with main stage sessions and workshops to help you to evaluate your achievements and assess your potential. Networking opportunities will give you a chance to forge new connections and strengthen current onesclick here to register

Nonprofit Fundraising Conferences

NameDate & Venue About Why should you attend Register
AFP Icon 2022May 2 to 4, 2022 / Las Vegas,NVThe AFP ICON, which is organized by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and was specially created with fundraising specialists and professionals in mind, attracts around 4,000 participants annually to discuss, teach, and learn the most recent fundraising trends and best practicesAFP conferences and events provide not only the chance to learn, but also the chance to network, participate, exchange ideas, and interact with fundraisers from across the world. Speakers like Allyson Felix and Zainab salbi will provide sessions on innovation and leadership which will help you in strengthening your fundraising potential. click here to register
Cause CampMay 2 to 3, 2022 / Grand rapids, MI This physical and online gathering will take place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The conference will include eminent industry speakers, thought-provoking breakout sessions, one-on-one networking, and more. Cause Camp was named one of the top nonprofit industry conferences in America by Forbes Magazine. Both companies are online learning centers with the mission of providing nonprofits with all they require to improve their organizations and communities while simultaneously putting an emphasis on enjoyment and usefulness. The best speakers from the nonprofit sector will provide you with sessions full of informationclick here to register
Nonprofit Power December 5 to 6, 2022 Philadelphia, PA Nonprofit Power is a free, all-inclusive area experience that is designed to provide insights on the latest Nonprofit Fundraising tactics and technology.Participants learn about the most recent direct marketing strategies, peer-to-peer fundraising tactics, and fundraising technology solutions. You will get the opportunity to build connections and relationships with the nonprofit leaders across the world. click here to register

Other Top Nonprofit Conferences of the year

NameDate & Venue AboutWhy should you attend Register
AAWA Spring conferenceJune 15 to 17, 2022 / Chicago, UN Among the specializations covered at the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement’s (AAWA) Spring Conference are operations, development, administration, communications, marketing, shelter medicine, and field services. Furthermore, guests will have lots of chances to go to general sessions that are interesting to all demographicsThrough various sessions, you will get to know about fundraising, management, and governance. A thriving workforce will also be available and you can connect with your friends to polish your crafts. click here to register
DMAW Digital Day June 29, 2022 / Washington, DC Digital fundraisers, take note! Anyone seeking practical advice to advance their digital fundraising should attend this full-day seminar in person. Visit their event page for information as details have just been made available. Digital Day Forum has been designed specifically for you. You will learn something new, and will leave equipped with the tools and techniques required to develop the best digital marketing strategies for your organizationclick here to register
Bridge ConferenceJuly 27 to 29, 2022 / National Harbor, Maryland The 2022 Bridge Conference is certain to be among the most well-attended nonprofit conferences of the year. It’s a top gathering for nonprofit workers wishing to interact with others who hold various viewpoints. We are eager to learn what they have planned! The conference will be attended by various Nonprofit Fundraising professionals and leaders who will provide insight into the latest strategies, techniques, and innovationsclick here to register
Feeding America Unite ConferenceAugust 24 to 25, 2022 / Virtual The Feeding America Unite Conference lays the groundwork for year-round learning and growth for both food bank staff and fundraisers through a combination of small-group learning sessions, participant dialogue, and networking. Be in the company of fundraisers and marketers who share your commitment to eradicating hunger in the globe. The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, working to connect people with food and end hunger. You can join this conference to learn from various experts who share the same goal as you to end hunger problems. click here to register
Raise ConferenceSeptember 12 to 13, 2022 / Chicago, Illinois Numerous prominent fundraisers from across the country attend this annual Raise Conference. The hybrid event this year will bring together participants digitally and physically for session tracks on Event & Auction Fundraising, Fundraising Strategy, and Peer-to-Peer & Social Engagement. Anyone wishing to advance the fundraising for their event will find inspiration in Raise, a high-octane, interactive experience.This conference is of high value. You will leave inspired, refreshed, and equipped with new ideas. You will get the ideas on how to implement strategies to raise more money for the cause you believe inclick here to register
NIO SummitSeptember 20 to 22, 2022 / Kansas City, Missouri The top digital marketing and fundraising professionals from across the world are gathered under one roof for the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit. The NIO Summit is the place to be for anyone wishing to advance their online fundraising because of its research-driven techniques and practical training.The top experts will teach you tried-and-true, data-driven tactics over the course of two days. You’ll also get hands-on training and learn all the resources you need to increase your online donations and income. Through a variety of networking events, you can gain fresh information from a group of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers who share your desire to find the most creative ways to increase their revenue click here to register
Salesforce Dreamforce ConferenceSeptember 20 to 22, 2022 / San Francisco, CA The major conference for Salesforce, called Dreamforce, is held yearly in San Francisco. It qualifies as one of the biggest tech conferences in the world, drawing 170,000+ attendees (during non-COVID times) and lasting several days. This conference is for you if you’re a developer, technical architect, or industry pioneer. Salesforce Dreamforce offers participants an amazing experience and the chance to learn about the most recent advancements affecting the digital world thanks to its thousands of sessions and workshops presented by well-known thought leaders in the industryclick here to register
bbcon 2022October 17 to 18, 2022 / Virtual Bbcon is once more going virtual. Every fundraiser who wants to stay current with technology should attend this conference. The conference this year offers greater access to resources, vendors, and attendees than ever before. With sessions designed for all markets, roles, and countries, bbcon 2022 has something for everyone.If you are looking for motivational articles from top professionals in your field then you should join thousands of social good professionals online at bbcon for three days of incredible seminars and digital advancements that can help you advance your organization. Be inspired by inspiring keynotes, unforgettable experiences, and disruptive technology to broaden your perspective. You will leave with specific tactics to advance your task. click here to register
AAWA Fall ConferenceNovember 14 to 16, 2022 New Orleans, Louisiana The Fall Conference of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement is focused on advanced leadership development and industry challenges, whereas the Spring Conference is more focused on the specialty. Take a broad perspective on the most recent developments affecting the nonprofit fundraising industry. The conference will include analysis and planning on animal welfare. So if you are interested in the cause you can learn from experts through internal and external communicationsclick here to register


You stay at the top of your game by attending nonprofit conferences. It makes no difference how much experience you have or what role you play inside your company.

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Select the conferences for your organization in 2023 that will push you in new directions, provide the best return on investment, and enable you to grow and enhance your network.

For fundraisers who want to go to a nonprofit conference, there are so many wonderful possibilities.

We hope this list will provide you with some insight into some of our favorite conferences and what to anticipate from each one.

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